Announcing the Launch of Episode3 (EP3)

Conversations | 4th October 2022 | By Andrew Whitelaw


Matt Dalgleish and Andrew Whitelaw are making the next phase of growth as leading commodity market analysts and commentators. On October 1 they will be launching episode3 (EP3). EP3 will be offering independent market analysis and commentary, consulting and market advisory services.

The need for independent and objective market analysis and data provision in agriculture is greater than ever. Matt and Andrew, currently analysts at Episode3 (EP3), have been at the forefront of servicing the agricultural sector for over half a decade.

In 2016 Matt Dalgleish and Andrew Whitelaw started working together to analyse agricultural markets before co-founding EP3 with Elders in 2020. After 2 years of successfully providing important agricultural market commentary and analysis with Elders, Matt and Andrew will now transition to a new independent entity, Episode 3 (EP3).

EP3 will continue to provide a service to the agricultural sector by offering analytical articles on to assist in understanding the market. EP3 will fund the free service through consulting and project services to the food and agribusiness sector.

These consulting services include economic analysis, market education, policy development and risk management.

The directors of EP3 have plans to grow the EP3 service to encapsulate new commodities and services in the coming year. EP3 will be represented in Canberra and Melbourne.

Industry leaders have shown support for the new EP3 service:

“Sheep Producers Australia has worked closely with EP3 and valued the support they have given to sheep producers, the live export industry, and the broader agriculture sector by providing independent market analysis and data. The model of EP3 showed the drive and passion both Matt and Andrew have to support the industry and I look forward to working with them both under their new venture of EP3.” Bonnie Skinner, CEO Sheep Producers Australia
“The insights provided by Andrew and Matt have been invaluable in assisting GrainGrowers to develop evidence-based policy, and we wish the new EP3 venture all the best in the future.” Dave McKeon, CEO Grain Growers Limited
“In the past two years EP3 has contributed a huge amount of value and insights to Elders and Agribusiness Australia. We support the further development of market analysis for agriculture through EP3.” Mark Allison, MD & CEO Elders and President of Agribusiness Australia

Why Episode 3?

The founders of EP3 had developed analysis services in two other iterations, including recently EP3. This newly set up venture as a continuation of their work with EP3 was the third venture, therefore the third episode of their work together.

Is it business as usual?

The services offered by EP3 will continue to be offered as usual. There is no need to resubscribe. The articles you are used to receiving through EP3 will continue to be distributed.

The only difference is that the content will come from, and will now be owned in its entirely by Matt Dalgleish and Andrew Whitelaw