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Media Listing

2/06/2023 China issues and wider world of grain ABC Radio
2/06/2023 Weekly Grain Update Flow FM
30/05/2023 Barley boost, canola under pressure as grain markets drift Farm Weekly
29/05/2023 Tech not yet done with agriculture Business News
25/05/2023 Stocks-to-use of major exporters at its lowest since 2007 Farm Weekly
25/05/2023 Wheat conditions and macro concerns flow FM
22/05/2023 BSE in USA ABC Radio
22/05/2023 NFF should increase its farmgate output goal to $125bn Countryman
20/05/2023 A comparison of current wheat values Farm Weekly
17/05/2023 GPA considers benefits of Federal budget commitments Farm Weekly
16/05/2023 Cattle exports from Kenya to Indonesia? ABC Radio
16/05/2023 Live sheep export impact report tender process open Farm Weekly
15/05/2023 Negotiating a win for the world Business News
12/05/2023 Backlog of sheep in WA causing concern for producers Farm Weekly
6/05/2023 United States and Ukraine wheat appears to be in poor condition Farm Weekly
4/05/2023 Green Diplomacy Flow FM
3/05/2023 Is canola still the cropping golden child? Farm Weekly
1/05/2023 China barley tariff removal could pump $150 million into the Australian economy Countryman
27/04/2023 Ep3 looks at cost of Chinese barley tariffs Farm Weekly
27/04/2023 The political action of grain in Ukraine Flowfm
26/04/2023 The silly season Country Today
26/04/2023 European nations complain about Ukrainian grain ABC Countryhour
26/04/2023 Urea price dives to A$507/t QCL
21/04/2023 Urea prices drop to $507/t The Weekly Times
21/04/2023 Why abattoirs are making more money The Weekly Times
21/04/2023 Ukraine’s corn and wheat exports are set to plummet Hellenic Shipping News
20/04/2023 Barley to China and lower fertilizer pricing Flow FM
20/04/2023 Ukraine’s corn and wheat exports are set to plummet CNBC
19/04/2023 For Food Price Inflation Clues, Watch India Wall Street Journal
18/04/2023 Live cattle & beef exports to Indonesia Country Today
14/04/2023 Carbon markets aren’t risk free Business News
14/04/2023 WAFarmers warns risk premium likely amid hopes of barley return to China Countryman
14/04/2023 Barley back on ABC Radio
12/04/2023 Beef processors back to black Country Today
12/04/2023 Processors return to profit Beef Central
12/04/2023 Signs of life in beef market Weekly Times
11/04/2023 Barley return to China? Countryman
10/04/2023 Mutton but blue skies Farm Online
10/04/2023 Switching between livestock and grains? FarmOnline
5/04/2023 Red meat exports boom Flow FM
5/04/2023 Louis Dreyfus joins Cargill, Viterra in Russian exodus Farmonline
3/04/2023 Sheep Live Exports – A dying industry Country Today
3/04/2023 Poor US Wheat ABC Countryhour
3/04/2023 Grain conditions around the world ABC Countryhour
1/04/2023 Live export prices ease as Indo demand shifts Katherine Times
31/03/2023 The Weekly Grill Beef Central
30/03/2023 CO2 in pig slaughter ABC Radio
27/03/2023 Cost curse for plant based meat Business News
27/03/2023 Don’t panic – canola price falls. Country Today
26/03/2023 What is driving the canola market? ABC Landline
24/03/2023 Canola prices down A$100 ABC Countryhour
24/03/2023 Call to increase fertiliser price transparency ARRN
23/03/2023 Commodity market analyst encourages farmers to hold off Farm Weekly
21/03/2023 Australian dry, Ukraine war key factors for grain markets FarmOnline
21/03/2023 Fertiliser prices fall Stock and Land
21/03/2023 Data backs up high labor and contracting cost Stock and Land
20/03/2023 Australian wheat basis firms to no longer be world’s cheapest Stock and Land
20/03/2023 Extension to grain export corridor ABC Countryhour
20/03/2023 Selling carbon credits ABC Countryhour
15/03/2023 WA Live sheep versus local processing WA Rural Focus
15/03/2023 WA sheep turnoff options ABC Radio
14/03/2023 Sheep & Lamb Supply & Demand ABC Radio
13/03/2023 Food for thought as India rises Business News
8/03/2023 FSR lowest in 25 years Weekly Times
6/03/2023 Fears for live cattle trade Weekly Times
2/03/2023 Farm Productivity ABC Radio
1/03/2023 Fake meat, free trade and livestock prices Flow FM
1/03/2023 Farm productivity and beef markets Country Today
1/03/2023 BSE, cattle prices and the USA Rural QLD Today
28/02/2023 Food & fuel for thought Business News
23/02/2023 Beef supply to China limited ABC Rural
22/02/2023 BSE concerns in South America ABC Radio
21/02/2023 Kiwi sheep flock changes Farm Online
17/02/2023 Input price optimism Weekly Times
16/02/2023 Herd and flock rebuilt Flow FM
16/02/2023 Farm costs  Farm Online
15/02/2023 MLA sheep industry projections ABC Radio
14/02/2023 Beef industry approaching peak output Beef Central
14/02/2023 Cost, labour & supply issues persist Business News
14/02/2023 Beef & mutton to China Country Today
9/02/2023 Mutton exports to China lifts Farm Online
6/02/2023 Cattle market update – Weekly Grill Beef Central
6/02/2023 Young cattle , feeder steer prices likely to rise Beef Central
6/02/2023 Work on getting a good return Farm Weekly
6/02/2023 Fertiliser sales surge as growers swoop on lower prices Grain Central
3/02/2023 China pig herd recovery ABC Radio
1/02/2023 Best rates for Heavy Lambs Weekly Times
30/01/2023 Runs on the board, food on the table Business News
25/01/2023 Fertilizer markets – are they transparent? ABC Radio
19/01/2023 Global fertiliser prices are falling ABC Rural
18/01/2023 2022 winners in sheep meat export sector FarmOnline
17/01/2023 Episode 3 looks to the 2023 season Farm Weekly
9/01/2023 MLA lamb ad pays dividend ABC Radio
9/01/2023 Weaners, weather and world economic growth ABC Radio
5/01/2023 Sheep meat industry turbulence to continue in 2023 NQR
3/01/2023 Live export sheep figures: Numbers are down and keep falling Weekly Times
23/12/2022 Sheep farmers face stock conundrum Business News
21/12/2022 Outlook for red meat and grain in 2023 Weekly Times
21/12/2022 Competition in Australian grain ABC Radio
20/12/2022 China trade meeting ABC Radio
15/12/2022 Lumpy skin moves closer Farm Online
13/12/2022 Slight uptick in cattle market touted for early next year Farm Online
12/12/2022 Why fertiliser prices have been so volatile this year International Banker
12/12/2022 A butterfly flaps its wings in Ukraine Business News
8/12/2022 Getting shearers SCA
8/12/2022 Andrew Whitelaw says don’t be sure the basis is narrowing Farm Weekly
7/12/2022 Wheat prices are falling this week ABC Radio
7/12/2022 Grain prices fall as harvest gets into full swing ACE Radio
1/12/2022 Livestock Prices soften on higher yarding Flow FM
1/12/2022 Livestock prices head south Country Today
30/11/2022 Herd Rebuild QLD Rural Today
29/11/2022 Sheep producers cant rely on east Business News
29/11/2022 Washed-Out Roads Are Next Hurdle Bloomberg
29/11/2022 Livestock price slump ABC Countryhour
29/11/2022 Food security in Australia – An issue or not? ABC Radio
29/11/2022 Wheat Supply From Australia Now at Risk From Road and Rail Woes Bloomberg
28/11/2022 Coles Farmer of the Year Awards The Weekly Times
24/11/2022 Canola and wheat pricing versus crude oil Farm Weekly
24/11/2022 Ukraine endorsement for Aussie grain initiative ARRN
22/11/2022 Weekly Grill EP39 with Kerry Lonergan Beef Central
22/11/2022 US cattle cycle to impact Australia’s beef fortunes Beef Central
18/11/2022 Huge capacity for Australian wheat exports Farm Weekly
16/11/2022 Ag exporters eagerly await outcome of China meeting The Weekly Times
15/11/2022 Yardings swell in spring Country Today
15/11/2022 A land of drought and floods Business News
15/11/2022 Tug boat crews threatening port closures The West Australian
15/11/2022 Global Sheep Producers Forum group meet in Canada Feds News
14/11/2022 Grain protein levels set to take a hit as a result of harvest rain Farm Weekly
12/11/2022 Labour shortage in meat processing looming Flow FM
9/11/2022 Ukraine Black Sea freight deal back on with Russia coming to the table QCL
8/11/2022 Primex program on beef & carbon markets Beef Central
8/11/2022 Greens urge transparency in fertiliser pricing The Guardian
7/11/2022 Farmers treated like mushrooms on fert pricing The Guardian
3/11/2022 Red Meat Exports as a proportion of production QLD Rural Today
3/11/2022 Ground hog day with Putin Flow FM
3/11/2022 Whats happening in the grain market ABC Radio
2/11/2022 Store and prime cattle prices surge in the spring The Weekly Times
2/11/2022 Russia eyes Ukrainian grain Country Today
31/10/2022 Weaponising food The Weekly Times
30/10/2022 Wheat rises after Russia pulls out of pact allowing Ukrainian exports Bloomberg
25/10/2022 Minerva buys Aust Lamb Co ABC Countryhour
25/10/2022 Food security in Australia ABC Radio
24/10/2022 Cattle Markey Update – Chris Howie & Matt Dalgleish Beef Central
21/10/2022 Australian and international cattle and sheep markets Flow FM
17/10/2022 East Versus West Business News
14/10/2022 Beef exports slide in September Weekly Times
12/10/2022 The Heavier Steer Beef Central
10/10/2022 Beef & Lamb Exports Country Today
10/10/2022 Strong sheepmeat exports ABC Countryhour
7/10/2022 Primex seminar on beef & carbon Beef Central
7/10/2022 Agri analysts launch EP3 Beef Central
3/10/2022 Russia, Pakistan and USA – Grain impacts ABC Radio
3/10/2022 Producers build on red meat resurgence Business News
2/10/2022 Rural Market Report ABC Landline
2/10/2022 New, free ag analysis EP3 launched FarmOnline
29/09/2022 Bull prices break records ABC News
28/09/2022 Young cattle prices continue to creep up as rain contains supply Farm Online
27/09/2022 Grids rise, despite deeper processor losses Beef Central
27/09/2022 Grower frustration over discounted wheat price Weekly Times
21/09/2022 Lamb exports gain momentum FarmOnline
19/09/2022 Input costs pressure fert use Business News
19/09/2022 Meat industry council head says crunch time is looming over worker shortages The Standard
19/09/2022 Australian lamb exports smash monthly record for Aug The Countryman
16/09/2022 Live cattle export woes QLD Rural Today
15/09/2022 Input & Output pricing Flow FM
13/09/2022 Vladimir Putin shakes up the grain market Farm Weekly
13/09/2022 Black Sea freight corridor concerns see grain price gains FarmOnline
13/09/2022 Beef exports lift but Australia’s potential could be hindered FarmOnline
12/09/2022 Strong lamb exports ABC Countryhour
12/09/2022 Cost price squeeze ABC Radio
11/09/2022 Gas burning up the fert market ABC Landline
7/09/2022 Gas impact on ag? Country Today
6/09/2022 Fertilizer rockets higher ABC Radio
6/09/2022 ‘Scary’: Sustained urea price rise on the way The Weekly Times
5/09/2022 Vigiliance required at the border Business News
2/09/2022 Huge export task ABC Countryhour
31/08/2022 Australian canola prices drop by a third  FarmOnline
31/08/2022 One million fmd vaccine doses Countryman
30/08/2022 East coast co-operative idea is flagged QCL
23/08/2022 We may find that our basis stays at discounted Farm Weekly
22/08/2022 Slaughter volumes increase for NSW lambs FarmOnline
22/08/2022 LSD risk of incursion QLD Rural Today
22/08/2022 Lumpy Skin Disease threat greater than FMD Country Today
20/08/2022 New Zealand lamb prospects bode well for Aussies Stock Journal
19/08/2022 Grain prices smashed ABC Countryhour
19/08/2022 Lumpy skin looms while everyone fusses over foot and mouth disease QCL
15/08/2022 Beef cattle price bounce Country Today
15/08/2022 Fertilizer update Australian Grain
15/08/2022 Freight key for Australian ag Business News
15/08/2022 Cooking oil price surges hurt Australian takeaway The Guardian
12/08/2022 Japan demand for Aussie beef off the boil QCL
12/08/2022 Developments in Grain Flow FM
10/08/2022 Ag data not match fit Weekly Times
10/08/2022 Meat consumption in Aust & the OECD Country Today
10/08/2022 A place for organics? ABC Conversation Hour
9/08/2022 Ewe flock growing along with meat demand Sheep Central
5/08/2022 Livestock market update ABC Countryhour
3/08/2022 Bali FMD outbreak raised Australian risk level only slightly The Standard
2/08/2022 The battlefronts facing the live cattle trade FarmOnline
1/08/2022 FMD not the only concern Business News
1/08/2022 EYCI in downward spiral QCL
30/07/2022 Seven threats to Australian biosecurity The Guardian
29/07/2022 Matt amd Chris join Kerry Lonergan for a livestock chat The Weekly Grill
29/07/2022 Is the worst over for Indo outbreak Sky News
29/07/2022 The data on Indonesia Country Today
29/07/2022 Keep FMD outbreak in perspective Stock and Land
29/07/2022 Indonesian data suggests foot and mouth outbreak ‘over the worst’ The Australian
28/07/2022 FMD risk to WA ABC Countryhour
28/07/2022 FMD weighing on market despite Indonesia getting it under control Flow FM
28/07/2022 Livestock price falls on FMD concerns ABC Rural
28/07/2022 Which WA exports are at risk if FMD gets in WA Rural Focus
28/07/2022 Ukraine, Turkey and Russia attempt a UN agreement Farm Weekly
27/07/2022 Grain truce under fire within hours FarmOnline
27/07/2022 Exporters feel pinch as Indonesian demand for cattle weakens The Australian
26/07/2022 FMD – What can we do about it ABC Breakfast
26/07/2022 FMD impact on Australia BBC World News
25/07/2022 The Devil in the Details on Wheat Deal CNBC
25/07/2022 Russia/Ukraine wheat deal in tatters? Country Today
25/07/2022 FMD on the doorstep ABC Breakfast
25/07/2022 Grain prices likely to rise after Russian port attack The Weekly Times
25/07/2022 Wheat Prices Jump After Russian Missile Strike  Bloomberg
25/07/2022 Risk of FMD transferring to PNG ABC Pacific Radio
25/07/2022 We all play a role in preventing FMD Sky News
24/07/2022 Pretty hard to watch The Age
22/07/2022 FMD risk – high or low? 9news
22/07/2022 Ukraine open to export? ABC Radio
22/07/2022 Ukraine deal to be inked? Flow FM
22/07/2022 FMD is on Australia’s doorstep. What will it look like if it spreads? ABC Rural
22/07/2022 Strict new airport biosecurity screening for FMD The Age
22/07/2022 Global grain markets expecting Black Sea deal ABC News
21/07/2022 Fertiliser price rollercoaster to continue The Weekly Times
21/07/2022 Sri Lanka crisis has its roots in hastily implemented organic farming mandate FarmOnline
21/07/2022 Living through FMD in the UK Conversation Hour
20/07/2022 Agricultural leaders meet for Securing the Future of Farming Forum  The Rural
20/07/2022 Live export numbers down ABC Radio
20/07/2022 FMD found at airport 2GB
20/07/2022 Footbaths and FMD in airports ABC Drive
20/07/2022 The value of grain versus future markets Farm Weekly
20/07/2022 Foot-and-mouth disease: airports to step up precautions The Guardian
19/07/2022 Don’t bring foot and mouth disease back from Bali The West Australian
19/07/2022 Adaptation key to future farming success The Land
19/07/2022 Tomorrow’s farmers must be agile say experts National Tribune
19/07/2022 EYCI dips to 969c Farm Weekly
19/07/2022 EYCI drops more than 100c/kg in past month The Weekly Times
17/07/2022 FMD Risk Panel Sky News
17/07/2022 Why isn’t Australian using FMD vaccine? ABC News
16/07/2022 Foot-and-mouth disease outbreak threat major concern for WA farmers ABC News
15/07/2022 What is foot-and-mouth disease Guardian
14/07/2022 FMD brewing at the border Guardian
14/07/2022 Live export of sheep Rural QLD Today
14/07/2022 What a foot and mouth disease outbreak would mean for Australia Countryman
14/07/2022 Growers need to take part in preventing FMD spread Grain Central
13/07/2022 EID tags would help.  ABC Radio
13/07/2022 Livestock price falls on myriad of concerns ABC Countryhour
13/07/2022 Lamb prices bounce back as producers hold stock back The Land
12/07/2022 Australian government backs electronic tagging for sheep Guardian
12/07/2022 Cattle market update over winter with Warwick “The Rooster” Long ABC Countryhour
12/07/2022 Volatile grain markets ABC Countryhour
12/07/2022 Why prime markets are so different for lambs/cattle The Weekly Times
11/07/2022 Live ex ban to impact everything FarmOnline
11/07/2022 China curb on barley has been damaging.  Business News
10/07/2022 FMD Panel Sky News
8/07/2022 ‘Untapped’ workers can fill job gaps in Australian ag sector Countryman
8/07/2022 Cattle and sheep markets  Flow FM
8/07/2022 Biosecurity a priority 7news
7/07/2022 Two viruses now in Bali a ‘$100 billion’ timebomb for Aussie farmers 9News
7/07/2022 Australian FMD outbreak ‘not as likely’ as some have suggested Countryman
7/07/2022 FMD outbreak just one of many challenges Farm Weekly
7/07/2022 FMD outbreak most likely to be caused by imported meat Countryman
7/07/2022 Are WA livestock producers equipped to deal with the ‘very real’ threat of foot and mouth disease? Countryman
7/07/2022 Footbath or not? ABC Countryhour
6/07/2022 Living in an FMD outbreak ABC Drive (Darwin)
6/07/2022 Strong slaughter numbers indicate processors are catching up QCL
5/07/2022 AU & NZ the biggest players in sheep meat exports Farm Weekly
5/07/2022 EYCI drops 118c over four weeks QCL
5/07/2022 WA impacted by lower overseas pricing ABC Radio
5/07/2022 Canola prices expected to stabilise after sharp falls The Weekly Times
5/07/2022 Sydney residents face more expensive vegetables 9NEWS
5/07/2022 FMD risks ABC Drive (Melbourne)
4/07/2022 Big drop in canola and wheat pricing ABC Radio
4/07/2022 Volatility to continue as growers ride historic highs The Weekly Times
4/07/2022 What is happening with fertilizer? ABC Radio
3/07/2022 FMD could devastate The Guardian
1/07/2022 Fert vs grain prices ABC Radio Mornings
1/07/2022 TEM and the wild west The Yarn
1/07/2022 Rates fall again this week The Weekly Times
1/07/2022 WAFarmers Forum discusses the issues Farm Weekly
1/07/2022 Track and trace system essential to keep livestock exports strong Stock Journal
30/06/2022 Wheat Market Crash Flow FM
30/06/2022 Cost of farming pressure 7News
30/06/2022 Will a LE ban damage our exports Rural Focus (WA)
29/06/2022 Price pressure on livestock rates The Weekly Times
29/06/2022 Price discovery warrants discussion Grain Central
29/06/2022 Minister flags more work ahead on live sheep plan Sheep Central
29/06/2022 Dangerous enterprise Supply Chain Risk Mgmt
28/06/2022 Butcher reveals the best value cut of meat Sunrise
28/06/2022 Global wheat prices take a hit Country Today
27/06/2022 Agriculture Minister Watt makes welcome visit to WA Sheepcentral
27/06/2022 Aussie wheat market eases as Chicago tumbles Grain Central
27/06/2022 Indonesia cattle trade subdued ABC Radio
26/06/2022 Risks of the proposed ALP live sheep export ban ABC Landline
25/06/2022 Live cattle exports expected to plummet Countryman
25/06/2022 Farmers turn to soil science Guardian
25/06/2022 Global wheat shortage may cause meat pie price rise ABC News
25/06/2022 Our global food supply is at risk Guardian
24/06/2022 Australia Provides Aid to Sri Lanka Epoch Times
24/06/2022 Increasing costs of food ABC AM
23/06/2022 ALP live sheep ban ABC Radio
23/06/2022 Live sheep ban to risk supply chain ABC News
23/06/2022 Coarse wool prices significantly decreasing on last year Stock and Land
22/06/2022 China barley return speculation continues to grow Stock and Land
22/06/2022 Hamilton agents sell more than one million sheep Stock and Land
22/06/2022 Proactive approach is need to prevent foot in mouth disease Stock and Land
21/06/2022 Live sheep in Sudan Country Today
20/06/2022 Kiwi sheep flock decline ABC Countryhour
20/06/2022 Vigilance needed on FMD threat Business News
18/06/2022 FMD impact on the economy Sky News
17/06/2022 China hungry for Australian live cattle despite trade war Countryman
17/06/2022 Impact of FMD on grain supply chains ABC Radio
16/06/2022 Ramen a leg: noodle prices heat up as wheat supply goes to pot The Guardian
15/06/2022 Volatile Times Australian Grain
15/06/2022 FMD – a risk for all rural areas Agribusiness Australia
15/06/2022 Aussie agricultural business capitalises on soaring fertiliser 9News
14/06/2022 Keeping China fed France24
14/06/2022 Processor losses around $300/head Beef Central
13/06/2022 A discussion on food inflation Conversation Hour
13/06/2022 Disrupted supply chains in grain CGTN
10/06/2022 Shoppers warned supermarket lamb prices will rise without live export ABC News
10/06/2022 Times flies during China barley dispute Country Today
10/06/2022 Farmers might move away from sheep ABC Drive
10/06/2022 LIVESTOCK Countryman
9/06/2022 Leaving Sheep ABC Radio
9/06/2022 Livestock market update Flow FM
8/06/2022 Drivers in the market Farm Weekly
8/06/2022 Moves to ban live export in WA could impact eastern states The Weekly Times
8/06/2022 Hopes of more Black Sea grain available dashed by Russian bombing FarmOnline
8/06/2022 2 years on from barley ban ABC Countryhour
8/06/2022 Time to negotiate on barley? ABC Rural Report
7/06/2022 High feed grain prices being felt by lot feeders The Weekly Times
7/06/2022 Don’t squander the swing Business News
7/06/2022 Heightened biosecurity alerts prompts calls for EIDs in sheep QCL
3/06/2022 Global wheat and canola update Flow FM
3/06/2022 Food wars more serious than it sounds Flow FM
3/06/2022 Good conditions for Australian crop Sunraysia
3/06/2022 Markets update with Kerry The Weekly Grill
3/06/2022 Overseas events push grain prices Pork News
3/06/2022 Lockdown trauma will return in a foot and mouth disease outbreak FarmOnline
2/06/2022 High cost of fruit and veg ABC Drive – Sydney
2/06/2022 Food inflation ABC Drive – Melbourne
1/06/2022 Ukraine grain to Russia Country Today
1/06/2022 Increasing Ties With Indonesia Top Priority Epoch Times
1/06/2022 Details are foggy about who is handling port at Ukraine ports Farm Weekly
1/06/2022 Fruit and veg price surge hits living costs The Australian
31/05/2022 FMD – Don’t ban Bali ABC Radio
31/05/2022 FMD – A risk to agriculture and tourism The World Today
31/05/2022 What is driving fertilizer ABC Radio
31/05/2022 Food prices rise in Australia Fertilizer Daily
30/05/2022 Seasonal conditions, feedlot demand, pushing up store cattle yardings Stock and Land
27/05/2022 Russian exports of Ukrainian Grain ABC News
27/05/2022 Russian-Ukrainian War Could Spark Global Food Crisis Epoch Times
26/05/2022 TEM data analysis shows overseas fertiliser prices trending downwards Stock and Land
26/05/2022 Global urea prices take a tumble but a smaller discount at local retail level QCL
26/05/2022 UN looks to move on Ukrainian ports QCL
26/05/2022 A talk about Ag Markets Livestock Leaders
25/05/2022 Fertilizer prices plunge Rural Focus (WA)
24/05/2022 Cattle prices shift up as rain keeps supply low QCL
23/05/2022 The true cost of putting in a crop this season The Weekly Times
23/05/2022 Wheat swaps in WA Rural Focus (WA)
23/05/2022 FMD in Australia ABC Radio
23/05/2022 Keep government out of food markets Business News
23/05/2022 FMD not an election issue ABC Conversation Hour
22/05/2022 Let’s talk about wheat prices ABC Landline
20/05/2022 Meat update Flow FM
20/05/2022 Opportunity for Australian sheepmeat into India Farm Weekly
19/05/2022 In a Sour Market, Agricultural Commodities Are Still Tasty Wall Street Journal
19/05/2022 Home wheat home SCMP
18/05/2022 Lamb prices back on track QCL
18/05/2022 Indian Government limits wheat exports Grain Central
18/05/2022 Indian Government bans wheat exports Farm Weekly
17/05/2022 Indian wheat ban and falling stocks Country Today
17/05/2022 Global wheat prices soar after India restricts exports
16/05/2022 5 Things you need to know today Switzer Daily
16/05/2022 Live from the Marsh ABC Radio
16/05/2022 Canola forecasts for 2022 ABC Radio
16/05/2022 India bans wheat exports CNBC
16/05/2022 It was the best of times; it was the most volatile of times Miller Magazine
16/05/2022 Wheat price soars to the daily limit Fortune
16/05/2022 Wheat ETF Jumps After India Bans Exports Nasdaq
15/05/2022 World’s Food Problems Piling Up as India Restricts Wheat Exports Bloomberg
14/05/2022 India Bans Wheat Exports Bloomberg
13/05/2022 Real price of wheat FlowFM
13/05/2022 Five signs the national beef herd is rebuilding Beef Central
12/05/2022 Is A Wheat Crisis Developing In China As Farmers Cut Crops Early? ZeroHedge
12/05/2022 Global ag news ADMIS
11/05/2022 Wheat prices vs the rest of the world Farm Weekly
11/05/2022 Significant variations in lamb prices Farm Weekly
11/05/2022 Hot prices and cold conditions QCL
11/05/2022 China cutting for hay Bloomberg
11/05/2022 Farmers call for ACCC inquiry ABC News
11/05/2022 Hidden detail in fuel tax cut
11/05/2022 Ruined Wheat Fields in China Yahoo Finance
10/05/2022 NSW Farmers call for ACCC investigation into grain pricing The Weekly Times
10/05/2022 Food inflation ? Win News
10/05/2022 Attract more talent to the industry. Rural Focus (WA)
10/05/2022 Skyrocketing fertiliser prices will further inflate grocery costs
10/05/2022 ‘Perfect storm’ facing farmers 9NEWS
9/05/2022 ACCC investigation into grain ABC Radio
9/05/2022 Sector needs to attract talent Business News
9/05/2022 Soaring cost of meat and veges predicted to continue 9News
9/05/2022 Live export ban could make WA sheep industry ‘volatile’ The West Australian
6/05/2022 Meat export numbers  Flow FM
6/05/2022 Despite predictions of stagflation, Australia’s rural industries don’t need to panic – yet Guardian
5/05/2022 Impact of Russian Invasion Sentinal
5/05/2022 Australia’s 2022-23 wheat acreage seen lower Platts
4/05/2022 Live export of sheep at risk ABC News
4/05/2022 Farmers blindsided as Federal Labor’s secret is unveiled Countryman
4/05/2022 A volatile time in the market GPSA Podcast
3/05/2022 How high can canola pricing go? Plains Producer
3/05/2022 Overview of meat exports ABC Radio
3/05/2022 Industry keeps watch as Canada downgrades its canola production Farm Weekly
2/05/2022 Agriculture as part of a horticultural career Plants Grow Here
2/05/2022 April falls Supply Chain Risk Mgmt
29/04/2022 China worries looming Stock and Land
28/04/2022 The numbers game Western Advocate
28/04/2022 Indonesian ban on cooking and palm oil shipments drives up canola prices Farm Weekly
27/04/2022 Hunger for oilseeds  The Weekly Times
26/04/2022 Oilseed shortages push canola prices up ABC News
26/04/2022 Aussie exports, get it India Business News
25/04/2022 Canola takes off Landline
25/04/2022 Indonesia helps canola price ABC Radio
25/04/2022 Indonesia palm oil ban shock a potential boon for Aussie canola growers Farm Weekly
24/04/2022 Farmers need to start to plan ahead Stock and Land
22/04/2022 Small beef processors under threat as profit margins shrink Farm Weekly
22/04/2022 Australian agriculture offering investment opportunities ABC News
22/04/2022 Dryness expands in the US Flow FM
22/04/2022 Meat processor issues Country Today
20/04/2022 Sri Lanka sovereign debt crisis hits lentil and wheat trade The Weekly Times
20/04/2022 A good break to the season ABC Radio
20/04/2022 Farmers celebrate autumn break ABC News
20/04/2022 Eggs in short supply ABC News
19/04/2022 Fertiliser shortage The Weekly Times
19/04/2022 Sri Lankan Organic Disaster Country Today
19/04/2022 Organic issue in Sri Lanka ABC Radio
19/04/2022 If Canada remains dry, expect high canola prices to persist  Farm Weekly
19/04/2022 Price of eggs ‘to rise’ as input costs put the squeeze on farmers ABC News
18/04/2022 The place’s your eggs at? Supply Chain Risk Mgmt
17/04/2022 Beef Exports, China Trade & Ag Policy for Fed Election Sky News
14/04/2022 Australian farmers to donate grain to counterparts in Ukraine ABC Rural
14/04/2022 GPA encourages support for Ukraine Farm Weekly
14/04/2022 Australian growers launch Grain4Ukraine appeal Grain Central
14/04/2022 Bumper Wheat Crop Expected in Australia The Indian Sun
14/04/2022 EYCI tracks sideways, but headwinds build QCL
13/04/2022 Cattle prices firm despite highest throughput for the year Stock and Land
13/04/2022 Lamb prices take a hit in national indicators NQR
13/04/2022 Farmers upbeat on another bumper crop AFR
13/04/2022 Easter Inspired Cattle Selloff AgTrader
12/04/2022 Grain4Ukraine ABC Radio
12/04/2022 Canola – the good oil Country Today
8/04/2022 GrainCorp shares jump as war, wet weather lift profit outlook AFR
8/04/2022 Challenges in northern hemisphere drivers wheat market volatility Farm Weekly
7/04/2022 Indian FTA and livestock exports Flow FM
7/04/2022 US takes number one spot for lamb FarmOnline
6/04/2022 Bumper Wheat Crop Looms Again in Australia on Ample Rains Bloomberg
6/04/2022  Sheepmeat industry celebrates free trade agreement with India Countryman
6/04/2022 China increases share of beef exports ABC Radio
6/04/2022 Fertilizer, Wheat, Sunflower Oil Prices Clim Farm Policy News
4/04/2022 What you need to know about the India Free Trade Agreement The Weekly Times
4/04/2022 China faces harvest challenge Business News
4/04/2022 India FTA a plus for lentils, chickpeas miss the boat Grain Central
3/04/2022 Indian FTA Sky News
1/04/2022 Australian trade with Russia ABC PM
1/04/2022 Food inflation: Where Aussies will feel the sting the most The Weekly Times
1/04/2022 World prices rise, Australia stays muted ABC Radio
1/04/2022 Safety in numbers – the labour issue Grain Grower
31/03/2022 Potential of Australian Grain Exports Farm Weekly
31/03/2022 Russian – Australian Trade Sanctions ABC Radio
30/03/2022 Live-ex prices coming back but short supply to continue FarmOnline
29/03/2022 Some processor offers drift lower due to supply & demand factors Beef Central
28/03/2022 What goes up…. Australian Grain
27/03/2022 Live Discussion on the Ukraine Invasion Sky News
26/03/2022 Chinese winter wheat crop could be the worst ever Farm Weekly
25/03/2022 Sheep Live Exports Dropping ABC Radio
24/03/2022 Barley into China and biofuel mandates Flow FM
24/03/2022 Fertiliser prices soar, leaving farmers struggling with cost of production ABC News
23/03/2022 Next record Australian wheat crop unlikely in 2022-23 Grain Central
23/03/2022 Lamb prices feeling the effect of autumn flush FarmOnline
22/03/2022 Data discrepancy hints at producers selling lambs via direct channels FarmOnline
22/03/2022 Big wheat trouble in big China Miller Magazine
21/03/2022 Indirect threat from Russia sanctions Business News
19/03/2022 Young Cattle Prices Track Sideways IndianSun
17/03/2022 China faces ‘worst crop in history’ FarmOnline
17/03/2022 Booming business for rangeland goat Stock Journal
17/03/2022 Fuel prices and Livestock Exports Flow FM
17/03/2022 Bowser pain hits WA farms hard as seeding looms Countryman
16/03/2022 Lamb slaughter strong following COVID-19 FarmOnline
16/03/2022 China wheat issue Country Today
16/03/2022 Grain producers face elevated risk with rising cost of production QCL
16/03/2022 Ukraine invasion hitting EP growers 7news
15/03/2022 China faces cropping crisis? ABC Radio
15/03/2022 EYCI sticks to a 20c range: when will the decline begin? Farm Weekly
15/03/2022 China to come back for Australian barley? Pheonix TV
14/03/2022 Fertiliser prices, fuel, labour costs at record highs The Weekly Times
14/03/2022 America Loses Taste for Mutton Indian Sun
11/03/2022 War in Ukraine expected to increase global grain prices The World Today
11/03/2022 Global price of wheat has spiked AFR
9/03/2022 Beef Demands Grow Faster than Supply Indian Sun
9/03/2022 Lamb exports lift while mutton goes off the boil NQR
8/03/2022 EVs could destroy grain markets Business News
8/03/2022 Port of Brisbane flood closure hinders beef processors Farm Weekly
8/03/2022 5 Trending Beef Headlines Beef Magazine
7/03/2022 China may have to look at buying Australian barley The West Australian
7/03/2022 World food prices are rising and fast ABC News
7/03/2022 2022 Australia – A year of challenges and opportunities Miller Magazine
7/03/2022 Oh, poo! Energy prices fuel fertiliser price shock Sunraysia Daily
7/03/2022 Beef exports lag as floods, Omicron takes a toll FarmOnline
7/03/2022 Driving down input costs high priority Countryman
5/03/2022 The wider impact of the Ukraine conflict Sky News
4/03/2022 100bn plan and the impact of Ukraine conflict FlowFM
4/03/2022 The ramifications for Australian agriculture and our nation Beef Central
4/03/2022 Ukraine conflict and imports to China Pheonix TV
3/03/2022 Ukraine wheat, NSW floods and China beef trade Sky News
3/03/2022 The impact of floods on Agriculture SBS
2/03/2022 Port closures and the ongoing conflict issue Country Today
2/03/2022 Floods and livestock losses leave NSW and QLD farmers reeling  Guardian
2/03/2022 Australia’s beef production increasingly relies on feedlots The Weekly Times
1/03/2022 Large yardings of sheep drop prices The Weekly Times
1/03/2022 QLD flooding causing cattle supply issues Flow FM
1/03/2022 Violent Floods Sweep Away Cows in Australia, Upending Supplies Bloomberg
1/03/2022 Queensland, New South Wales floods close beef processing plants FarmOnline
28/02/2022 What drives markets? Triple R
25/02/2022 Russian – Australian Trade Situation Country Today
25/02/2022 Impact of Russian sanctions on Australia Sky News
25/02/2022 Grain prices set to rise as Russian invasion of Ukraine disrupts global supplies The Guardian
25/02/2022 Invasion of Ukraine ABC Radio
25/02/2022 Russian invasion alarms trade, markets Grain Central
24/02/2022 Impact on commodities of Russian conflict ABC News
24/02/2022 How Russia Ukraine conflict may impact the Australian agriculture industry The Weekly Times
23/02/2022 Glyphosate disruptions avoided due to good timing NQR
23/02/2022 Humanitarian impact of Russian invasion. Sky News
22/02/2022 Grain prices on edge as Russian troops enter Ukraine The Weekly Times
22/02/2022 Feeder cattle swap launched QCL
21/02/2022 Wool holds steady FarmOnline
21/02/2022 Market ‘normality’ as Victoria’s processors return to the markets Stock and Land
21/02/2022 Grain markets on conflict watch Business News
20/02/2022 Glyphosate and the cost of inputs ABC Landline
19/02/2022 What is a career in Agriculture? Plants Grow Here
19/02/2022 Australian farmers may have ‘dodged a bullet’ ABC News
18/02/2022 EV potential to disrupt and Lentil tariffs Flow FM
18/02/2022 Attracting the ‘bright minds’ to agriculture Beef Central
17/02/2022 Aussie red meat export market expected to hold during Chinese recovery QCL
17/02/2022 China buying up dairy cows ABC Radio
16/02/2022 Female Slaughter Ratio – That’s more like it Beefcentral
15/02/2022 Volatility follows Russian tension ABC Radio
15/02/2022 Meat processor issues Rural QLD Today
15/02/2022 National flock to increase by 3.5m NQR
15/02/2022 MLA: Lamb numbers to rise The Weekly Times
15/02/2022 QLD price grids surge 20c, as processor capacity recovers Beef Central
15/02/2022 Transport costs to rise as diesel hits 13 year high Beef Central
14/02/2022 Glyphosate in short supply? Country Today
14/02/2022 What is happening in Russia/Ukraine? ABC Radio
14/02/2022 India cuts lentil tariff to zero Grain Central
14/02/2022 Beef and lamb prices increase at Coles and Woolworths The Weekly Times
11/02/2022 Experts tip easing in Aussie cattle price Countryman
11/02/2022 The developments in livestock markets Flow FM
11/02/2022 How much you should pay for fuel this week The Weekly Times
11/02/2022 The wheat market is trading a war Australian Grain
11/02/2022 No room left to pass high cattle prices onto consumers QCL
11/02/2022 Will Russia steal Chinese wheat trade from Australia? Miller Magazine
11/02/2022 Grain and meat need to grasp value adding Australian Grain
11/02/2022 Ballarat heifers sell to 800 cents a kilogram Stock and Land
10/02/2022 First update of 2022 The Weekly Grill
8/02/2022 Fertiliser price fall fails to be passed on to Vic croppers Stock and Land
8/02/2022 Urea drops 35pc but relief may be short lived FarmOnline
8/02/2022 La Chine ouvre davantage ses portes aux grains russes Terre-Net
8/02/2022 Market Forecasts for 2022 Agro Platforma
7/02/2022 Omicron adds to processors pain Business News
4/02/2022 The big issues in grain Flow FM
4/02/2022 Australian beef export volumes low The Weekly Times
4/02/2022 Fertilizer market starting to slide Country Today
3/02/2022 WA live sheep trade at risk of ‘dwindling away’ Countryman
2/02/2022 Sheep and lamb prices up on rain and low supply ABC Radio
2/02/2022 Impact of Russia-Ukraine tension Country Today
2/02/2022 Russia to ban AN exports? ABC Radio
1/02/2022 Overheated EYCI starts to cave Farm Weekly
1/02/2022 Cattle returns to come under supply pressure by mid-year The Weekly Times
1/02/2022 Processing tallies continue to grow, as COVID effect eases Beef Central
31/01/2022 Live sheep exporters look to get more ships on the water FarmOnline
28/01/2022 Black Sea Tension GrainGrowers
28/01/2022 WA bucks the national trend Countryman
28/01/2022 China buying barley – just now ours.  ABC Radio
28/01/2022 Indonesia – the golden opportunity BBM Magazine
27/01/2022 EYCI: Young cattle prices fall from record The Weekly Times
26/01/2022 WA meat processing avoids east coast Omicron woes QCL
26/01/2022 Asian markets buffered from possible Ukraine impact Grain Central
26/01/2022 Global wheat price rises over Russian threat of Ukraine invasion The Weekly Times
25/01/2022 More lambs slaughtered, prices fall The Weekly Times
24/01/2022 NZ Cattle drive opens trade door Business News
24/01/2022 Lamb shortage for Australia Day? Country Today
22/01/2022 Australian beef exports hit 36-year low as herd rebuilds Countryman
21/01/2022 Covid issues disrupting the meat supply chain in WA ABC Radio
21/01/2022 Young cattle prices steady The Weekly Times
21/01/2022 EYCI record and processsor pauses Flow FM
17/01/2022 EYCI: Young cattle prices steady The Weekly Times
16/01/2022 Sheep and lamb yo-yo cycle not anticipated to change QCL
14/01/2022 Burra queries government ‘secondment’ of RAT kits QCL
14/01/2022 Record cattle prices dent Australian live export trade Countryman
14/01/2022 WA cattle producers optimistic as record prices set to continue Countryman
13/01/2022 China increase their appetite for Aussie mutton FarmOnline
13/01/2022 Meat might remain tight Guardian
13/01/2022 Meat supplies plummet by up to 60pc AFR
11/01/2022 Aussie beef remains king of food service Stock and Land
10/01/2022 Lamb export demand expected to strengthen in 2022 Stock and Land
8/01/2022 Canola/rapeseed – will prices in 2022 build on record highs? Agrimoney
7/01/2022 Striking while the iron is hot The West Australian
7/01/2022 Supermarket beef shortages loom as Omicron keeps meat workers home Stock and Land
4/01/2022 West Australian mutton exports to US double Countryman
3/01/2022 La Nina’s seasonal boom for Victorian producers Bordermail
31/12/2021 A year in review QCL
30/12/2021 Fertiliser Price Shock QCL
30/12/2021 Strong year for sheep meat Farm Online
24/12/2021 Labour contstaints span proteins and the globe NQR
23/12/2021 Canola’s Contract Highs Invite Selling Progressive Farmer
22/12/2021 Northern restock excitement Stock and Land
22/12/2021 The year that was – How ags predictions fared in 2021 The Weekly Times
21/12/2021 2021 cattle prices at highest-ever levels The Weekly Times
21/12/2021 Growers facing rising input costs Potatoes Australia
20/12/2021 Growing near-north trade ties Business News
20/12/2021 The growth in demand for manure AgroKlub
18/12/2021 Indonesia – the golden opportunity Miller Magazine
17/12/2021 Wheat prices dip as bumper grain harvest regains pace ABC News
17/12/2021 Australian beef processors reeling as profit margins continue to plummet CountryMan
17/12/2021 The Hip Pocket Beef Central
16/12/2021 Cheap wheat in Australia ABC Radio
15/12/2021 Pre-Christmas rush boosts yardings FarmOnline
14/12/2021 High cattle prices likely to flow into the New Year Stock and Land
11/12/2021 World desperate for manure Bloomberg
10/12/2021 Farmers turning to alternative growing methods ABC News
10/12/2021 Global Fertilizer Shortage Sends Demand for Manure Soaring Bloomberg
8/12/2021 High oil prices Conversation Hour
8/12/2021 Hard to believe these fert prices ABC Countryhour
8/12/2021 Indonesia – the golden opportunity Miller Magazine
7/12/2021 Fertilizer blowing through the roof ABC Countryhour
7/12/2021 AGP wheat prices fall but market remains strong The Weekly Times
7/12/2021 Urea shortage puts supply chain under ‘extreme pressure’
6/12/2021 Challenges to deliver our daily bread Business News
6/12/2021 Veg and Animal oils rising ABC Countryhour
6/12/2021 Beef boom to bust? DairyPod
5/12/2021 Fish and chip shop owners feeling the pinch ABC News
5/12/2021 Fish and Chips to get more expensive ABC News
3/12/2021 Cattle and Sheep market update Flow FM
1/12/2021 WA farmers set to cash in with good yields and great prices Midwest Times
1/12/2021 GPA delves into fertiliser price hike Grain Central
1/12/2021 Young cattle prices: EYCI down after record The Weekly Times
1/12/2021 WA farmers set to cash in Countryman
30/11/2021 Processor losses in October ‘worst on record’ Beef Central
29/11/2021 Sapped nutrient levels, as well as rains, undermine Australian  Agrimoney
27/11/2021 Calves pass $2500 a head as store market demand booms Stock and Land
27/11/2021 Australia no longer head of the class Countryman
26/11/2021 It’s wet in the east Flow FM
24/11/2021 Bad weather set to wipe billions off value of Australian crops The Guardian
23/11/2021 EYCI sets new record The Weekly Times
23/11/2021 Multi-tiered wheat market in Australia ABC Radio
23/11/2021 Sheep price: Prices move higher after rain The Weekly Times
22/11/2021 Role for livestock in emissions fight Business News
22/11/2021 Rock up for the cheapest grain in the world AgFlow
20/11/2021 Australian cattle price hits record highs off the back of November rain ABC News
19/11/2021 North Americans are bringing home the Aussie mutton Sheepcentral
19/11/2021 Agribusiness Australia warns soaring farm input costs will squeeze margins The West Australian
18/11/2021 Have shedding varieties become uneconomic? The Land
18/11/2021 US demand for Australian sheepmeat still soaring Countryman
18/11/2021 Fake meat sentiment CountryToday
18/11/2021 EYCI sets new record at 1102c/kg The Weekly Times
16/11/2021 Phosphorus fertiliser could hit $1300/t port next year FarmOnline
16/11/2021 Crops in danger as heavy rains continue The Weekly Times
16/11/2021 Australia Facing Unusual Rains at Wheat Harvest ADM Market Wires
16/11/2021 Fertilizers, rains and emigration  Vida Rural
16/11/2021 Calls to process wools domestically amplify FarmOnline
15/11/2021 More to COP26 for beef than methane and forest pledges The Land
14/11/2021 Yo-yo effect continues in wool market NQR
13/11/2021 How will the big rain event impact cattle supply and price? The Weekly Grill
13/11/2021 Fertiliser prices boom as Incitec Pivot plans closure of Gibson Island plant ABC News
12/11/2021 Livestock prices and South Korea Tariff quota Flow FM
12/11/2021 Links between grain and meat industries grow closer FarmOnline
11/11/2021 Nitrogen-fixing pulse crops farmers best weapon ABC News
11/11/2021  Blaming cattle for climate change is a ‘load of bulldust’ The West Australian
10/11/2021 What a wet November means for crops and livestock The Weekly Times
10/11/2021 Rain likely to downgrade grain ACE Radio
10/11/2021 Why does it always rain on me? Grain Central
10/11/2021 Record-high fertiliser prices in Australia could disrupt food supplies Guardian
10/11/2021 Act now on ACCC report, says VFF, Grain Growers Stock and Land
9/11/2021 Calling Bulldust Flow FM
9/11/2021 Emissions from livestock Country Today
9/11/2021 Are we looking in the wrong space for emissions ABC RADIO
9/11/2021 Export levels to the US at record high for mutton and goatmeat FarmOnline
9/11/2021 Strike project to produce local fertiliser Farm Weekly
8/11/2021 Prices far worse in the good old days Business News
8/11/2021 Putin your orders for Russian fertiliser Grain Central
8/11/2021 Victorian grain growers panic buy fertiliser Stock and Land
8/11/2021 Demand for broader micron wool lifts Stock and Land
8/11/2021 We’ve golden soil and wealth for toil Miller Magazine
5/11/2021 Russian Fertilizer Quota Country Today
5/11/2021 Harvest pressure on pricing Flow FM
5/11/2021 The disconnect between input purchase and grain sale ABC Countryhour
4/11/2021 The companies making a killing from the shipping crisis The Weekly Times
4/11/2021 Fuel demand and increased prices put a strain on farmers Canberra Times
4/11/2021 How will Russian fertiliser quotas impact Australian growers? The Weekly Times
3/11/2021 Canola prices: Heavy rains lower yield expectations The Weekly Times
3/11/2021 Shedding sheep spike amid shearer shortage Stock and Land
2/11/2021 Is Aussie barley too competitively priced? Farm Weekly
2/11/2021 Australian cattle prices: EYCI breaks record The Weekly Times
28/10/2021 Farmers paying more for diesel during harvest FarmOnline
28/10/2021 From low to high fuel pricing ABC Radio
28/10/2021 Competition still red hot as EYCI reaches another record Beef Central
27/10/2021 Weather remains key amid tight fertilizer supply outlooks Agricensus
26/10/2021 State by state figures: Livestock, crops, dairy The Weekly Times
26/10/2021 Bigger yardings fail to hold EYCI QCL
25/10/2021 WA’S live sheep trade deserves a break Business News
24/10/2021 China’s 80 per cent barley tariff a ‘lose-lose situation’  ABC News
24/10/2021 Barley – not as good as we think? Landline
22/10/2021 Rising fertiliser prices could impact Australian livestock market Countryman
22/10/2021 US taste for Aussie lamb on a giant high Countryman
22/10/2021 Don’t get complacent on Barley ABC Countryhour
22/10/2021 Brazil beef ban could open gate to China Pilbara News
21/10/2021 Livestock update Flow FM
20/10/2021 Fertiliser prices: Analysts make a call on when prices will fall The Weekly Times
20/10/2021 Food price shocks may worsen Yahoo
20/10/2021 How to make a quid out of sheep ABC Radio
19/10/2021 Grid prices streak to new record highs Beef Central
19/10/2021 No kidding, goatmeat strongest red meat export commodity QCL
15/10/2021 Grain and fertilizer markets Flow FM
15/10/2021 Australian fertiliser prices set to rise The Weekly Times
14/10/2021 Feedlot sector represents important value-add channel Beef Central
14/10/2021 Abattoirs count their losses as cattle prices surge Countryman
13/10/2021 Prices have fallen sharply in sheep and lamb The Weekly Times
13/10/2021 Not quite $400 for lamb The Land
13/10/2021 Global Fertilizer Day ABC Radio
13/10/2021 Fertiliser woes: The latest decision from China The Weekly Times
13/10/2021 Vic store lamb prices ‘not for the faint hearted’ Stock and Land
11/10/2021 Time to get up to speed on carbon trading Business News
11/10/2021 Livestock accounts for only 5.8% of greenhouse gas emissions Dairy News
8/10/2021 Dairy farm profits jump despite significant rises in some inputs Stock and Land
8/10/2021 A golden period for Australian wheat industry Miller Magazine
7/10/2021 Wharf strike Country Today
7/10/2021 Proccessor concerns in Victoria ABC Radio
6/10/2021 Positive cases affect billion-dollar meat processing sector The Weekly Times
6/10/2021 Canola and wheat prices higher this year as harvest nears The Weekly Times
6/10/2021 Farmers face fertiliser shortages Stock and Land
6/10/2021 China’s taste for beef still strong Farm Weekly
5/10/2021 Agriculture exports: Strikes at ports leave meat sitting at docks The Australian
5/10/2021 NSW wet, not Canadian dry, may fire wheat-protein bonus Grain Central
5/10/2021 New EYCI record as demand and low supply push up prices The Weekly Times
4/10/2021 Next few weeks critical for meat processors Stock and Land
4/10/2021 Meatwork shutdowns due to COVID Stock and Land
4/10/2021 China sheepskin demand brings silver lining ABC News
1/10/2021 Australia’s APW, ASW outlooks diverge as rain raises protein fears Agricensus
1/10/2021 Fertiliser price hits 13-year high QCL
1/10/2021 Wheat Tests $7.50 As Crop Surges on Tight Global Inventories FX Daily
1/10/2021 Feeling the Pulse of India Australian Grain
1/10/2021 Would China ban fertilizer exports? Australian Grain
30/09/2021 Red meat prices Flow FM
30/09/2021 Understanding the grain market Border Watch
30/09/2021 World wheat stocks are tight Farm Weekly
29/09/2021 Carbon market implications for ag Country Today
28/09/2021 Grain sector growth The SE Voice
28/09/2021 Malt to the USA. ABC Radio
28/09/2021 Top of the young cattle market? The Weekly Grill
28/09/2021 Cattle market: Prices to remain record levels The Weekly Times
28/09/2021 US lifts 32-year old ban of British lamb exports FarmOnline
28/09/2021 Fertiliser prices hit 13-year high Grain Central
28/09/2021 Fertiliser woes: China to curtail exports until 2022 The Weekly Times
27/09/2021 Malt barley impacted by China ABC Radio
24/09/2021 Who holds the grain? Flow FM
24/09/2021 Livestock update ABC Radio
23/09/2021 Growers to capitalise on opportunities Victor Harbor Times
22/09/2021 Carbon farming hits major milestone QCL
22/09/2021 Processors and farmers call out Andrews government The Weekly Times
22/09/2021 Earthquake hits south-east Australia Farm Weekly
21/09/2021 Quinlivan to lead new policy council Sheepcentral
21/09/2021 Processor margins worsen, as slaughter cattle prices hit new records Beef Central
21/09/2021 ‘Huge’ hit to lamb prices not on the cards The Weekly Times
19/09/2021 Canada has very little to export Landline
18/09/2021 Canada’s tough canola harvest driving prices up for Aussie farmers ABC News
17/09/2021 Can agriculture reach $100 billion by 2030? The Weekly Times
16/09/2021 The food crisis in Afghanistan ABC News
15/09/2021 Impact of Dubbo closure ABC Radio
14/09/2021 Feedlots drive up steer prices The Weekly Times
14/09/2021 Lamb, mutton top of the tastes for the US Farm Online
13/09/2021 Preparing for the next drought Business News
13/09/2021 Parched rural Qld still awash with cash In Qld
11/09/2021 Harvest starts on potential 54.8m ABC News
9/09/2021 Works COVID-19 restrictions starting to bite Stock and Land
8/09/2021 Hurricane Ida destroys major grain port facilities Country Today
8/09/2021 Could Wagyu feeders crack $10/kg Beef Central
7/09/2021 Sheep indicators staying strong despite price slip Stock and Land
7/09/2021 US wheat futures slough off huge Australia crop upgrade Agrimoney
7/09/2021 In Australia, crop estimates jump Terre-Net
6/09/2021 Brazil beef exports to China suspended Farmonline
5/09/2021 Agriculture emissions: Farmers join fight to halt climate change The Weekly Times
3/09/2021 La Nina to make it moist here and dry elsewhere? Grain Central
2/09/2021 Grain market update Flow FM
2/09/2021 Hurricane causes damage to grain terminals ABC News
1/09/2021 Supercycle in lamb and sheepmeat Country Today
1/09/2021 WA’s feedlot fall is seasonal: livestock analysts Countryman
31/08/2021 Supercycle or demand fundamentals? QCL
31/08/2021 Processor margins turn south again Beef Central
31/08/2021 Beef returns surge, ahead of spring weaner sell-off The Weekly Times
30/08/2021 No beef with strong grain demand Business News
27/08/2021 Barley price breakthrough Grain Central
26/08/2021 Australian cattle prices reach new record high The Weekly Times
25/08/2021 Processors concern at Spring flush ACE Radio
25/08/2021 Winnipeg canola futures spoke at $1000 a tonne The Weekly Times
25/08/2021 A crippling cropping crisis in Canada Farm Weekly
25/08/2021 How sheep and cattle prices continue to climb The Weekly Times
25/08/2021 Meat workers denied on-site COVID-19 vaccinations Sheepcentral
24/08/2021 ABC Tasmania Country Hour – Lamb Prices ABC Radio
24/08/2021 Container shortage: How agricultural exports will be affected The Weekly Times
24/08/2021 EYCI hits 1008c/kg to set yet another new record Farm Weekly
23/08/2021 AMIC head angry at meatworks’ restrictions NQR
23/08/2021 Victorian city meat workforce restrictions to hit lamb Sheepcentral
23/08/2021 Wheat export program ABC Radio
21/08/2021 World hungry for Australian lamb The Land
20/08/2021 Commodity supercycle? Are we in one? ABC Radio
20/08/2021 How sheep and cattle prices continue to climb The Weekly Times
19/08/2021 Rains ease pressure over sheep stock Countryman
18/08/2021 No supercycle in grains but opportunities abound The Land
18/08/2021 Canola and wheat market Country Today
18/08/2021 Canola futures break through $1000/tonne Grain Central
18/08/2021 Has the spring lamb price decline started early? FarmOnline
16/08/2021 Organics face production barrier Business News
16/08/2021 Cattle on feed numbers surge NQR
12/08/2021 Processor bottleneck for spring lamb ACE Radio
11/08/2021 Japan takes gold for Aussie beef purchases FarmOnline
11/08/2021 Japan takes gold for Aussie beef purchases Farmonline
10/08/2021 Lamb prices may have reached winter peak early The Weekly Times
9/08/2021 JBS to purchase Salmon business ABC Countryhour
9/08/2021 Offshore strength lifts wheat values Beef Central
7/08/2021 Chinese fertiliser factories ‘focusing on local market’  ABC News
6/08/2021 A$1000 canola Grains Australia
5/08/2021 Offshore strength lifts wheat values Grain Central
5/08/2021 How long will Aussie wheat be discounted? Grain Central
4/08/2021 Wheat prices jump on downgrades Country Today
3/08/2021 Roundup not available for households ABC Radio
3/08/2021 Heat comes off the EYCI Farm Weekly
2/08/2021 Pulse crops, sales on the plus side Stock and Land
2/08/2021 The Chinese meat boom Business News
29/07/2021 Tight Supplies Pressure Prices US sheep industry
29/07/2021 Cattle market shows how tough it is to make predictions, especially about the future MICA USA
29/07/2021 US cattle exports ABC Countryhour
29/07/2021 Chronic shortage of meat workers fuels cattle price hike Stock and Land
28/07/2021 Cow prices in Victoria and NSW hit records The Weekly Times
28/07/2021 Container costs “going crazy” QCL
28/07/2021 How much grain to buy a HiLux? Farm Weekly
28/07/2021 Increased offshore demand driving sheep skin prices higher QCL
27/07/2021 Crops around the world ABC Radio
27/07/2021 Cattle market shows how tough it is to make predictions Beef Central
27/07/2021 Processor margins improving Beef Central
27/07/2021 India reduces lentil tariffs as Canadian crop shrinks FarmOnline
23/07/2021 Cattle market update The Weekly Grill
22/07/2021 Cotton growers pick a winner QCL
22/07/2021 ASF hits Germany Country Today
21/07/2021 African Swine Fever hits German domestic pig herd FarmOnline
20/07/2021 What is happening with global canola prices? Farm Weekly
20/07/2021 Has it peaked? EYCI finally takes a turn south The Weekly Times
20/07/2021 Low sheep supply holding up rates The Weekly Times
19/07/2021 Canola prices hit record levels in Victoria ABC Radio
19/07/2021 China dealing with ASF fallout Business News
18/07/2021 Landline Market Update ABC Landline
17/07/2021 The rising cost of lamb ABC News
15/07/2021 Angus studs prepare for bumper spring market QCL
15/07/2021 Condition of canola in Canada Country Today
14/07/2021 Lamb on track for another strong year  ABC Rural
13/07/2021 Mutton prices on the move QCL
13/07/2021 Northern demand pushes rates past $10/kg The Weekly Times
13/07/2021 Eastern young cattle prices hit all-time record Countryman
12/07/2021 Social media corner – Hilux to grain ABC Countryhour
11/07/2021 Landline Market Update ABC Landline
8/07/2021 The Hilux Index Country Today
8/07/2021 EYCI hits new record but this could be the peak The Weekly Times
8/07/2021 No sign in a slowdown of high meat prices ABC Radio
8/07/2021 Comparing grains to utes Grain Central
6/07/2021 Endless demand keeps cattle market roaring FarmOnline
5/07/2021 Lamb exports to US hit record but beef volumes struggling The Weekly Times
5/07/2021 FTA favours wine, red meat producers Business News
4/07/2021 EYCI hits nominal and real record ABC Landline
2/07/2021 Friday farmgate data Flow News 24
2/07/2021 Retail Beef and Lamb Prices Herald Sun
1/07/2021 Red meat now double to triple the cost  The Weekly Times
1/07/2021 Victorian EPA beefed up ABC Rural
1/07/2021 EYCI breaches all time real record QCL
1/07/2021 EPA Manure legislation changes ABC Rural Report
1/07/2021 Countryhour – EPA changes to manure ABC Radio
1/07/2021 Awards for top growers and classers Farm Weekly
30/06/2021 Big interest in Australian wheat, and overseas corn and barley The Weekly Times
29/06/2021 The state of the grain market Country Today
29/06/2021 Mystery surrounds Chinese pig numbers Farmonline
29/06/2021 EYCI record: Have we hit the top yet? Beef Central
29/06/2021 EYCI on verge of breaking the ‘real’ record FarmOnline
25/06/2021 Have we hit the top of the cattle market? The Weekly Grill
23/06/2021 EYCI surges to a record ABC Countryhour
22/06/2021 Exporters destined to grow presence in UK lamb market FarmOnline
22/06/2021 High slaughter cattle prices continue to sail along, despite big processor losses Beefcentral
21/06/2021 Data in China Rural QLD Today
21/06/2021 Canola crash ABC Rural report
21/06/2021 Golden canola price loses some lustre as prices fall ABC News
21/06/2021 One year down, four to go Business News
19/06/2021 Indonesia holds the key to wheat future Farm Weekly
17/06/2021 Grains analyst missing  ABC Rural
16/06/2021 Chinese analysts under stress ABC Countryhour
15/06/2021 JBS targetted in cyber attack Rural QLD Today
15/06/2021 UK Inks ‘Historic’ First Post-Brexit In-Principle FTA  Sputnik
11/06/2021 Meat plant closures spreading after cyberattack on JBS California News Times
11/06/2021 JBS Foods pays $14.2 million ransom  NZCity
10/06/2021 Chicago wheat futures at 10y high (May/June edition) Australian Grain
10/06/2021 Transparency in the fertiliser market Rural Report
10/06/2021 JBS Foods pays $14.2 million ransom to end cyber attack on its global operations ABC News
10/06/2021 Increasing fertiliser transparency ABC Countryhour
10/06/2021 JBS pays ransom to cyber criminals ABC Countryhour
10/06/2021 Is grain cheap compared to fertiliser? Grain Central
9/06/2021 China’s African swine fever assists and U.S. demand rises SBS
8/06/2021 Aussie lamb exports rebound as demand from US and China lift FarmOnline
7/06/2021 Wheat into China ABC Radio
4/06/2021 Grinding beef fast becoming gold in the US NQR
4/06/2021 Cyber ​​attack paralyzes US slaughterhouses Geeky News
3/06/2021 Hackers hit Big Meat Red, Green and Blue
2/06/2021 Ripple effect of JBS cyberattack could hit shoppers, farmers, Maccas Nine News
2/06/2021 JBS Cyber attack signals threat to global food supply chain Food Institute
2/06/2021 Monster Chinese grain purchases as demand continues FarmOnline
2/06/2021 Live exporter NACC goes into voluntary administration ABC Radio
2/06/2021 NACC goes into administration ABC News
2/06/2021 Friday farmgate data Flow News 24
1/06/2021 JBS’s U.S. Beef Plants Were Forced Shut  Bloomberg
1/06/2021 JBS targetted in cyber attack Farm Progress
1/06/2021 The latest cyber attack victim is the world’s largest meat supplier Fortune
1/06/2021 Many of America’s largest meat plants shuttered after cyberattack New York Post
31/05/2021 China is buying barley – just not from Australia Grain Central
29/05/2021 Australian mice infestation plagues nation’s farmers The Scottish Farmer
27/05/2021 One year since China flexed its trade muscle The Weekly Times
26/05/2021 Yarding start to decline as winter approaches QCL
26/05/2021 Why I love Autumn Grains Australia
26/05/2021 Marketing update Beyond the Silo
24/05/2021 More than sabre rattling from China Business News
21/05/2021 One year on, what has been the impact of China’s tariff on barley? Grain Central
21/05/2021 Canola market update ABC Radio
20/05/2021 Barley one year on Country Today
19/05/2021 China trade continues in spite of diplomatic tension Stock and Land
19/05/2021 Peaks and troughs in global wheat prices Farm Weekly
19/05/2021 Peaks and troughs in global wheat prices Farm Weekly
18/05/2021 Grids lift 20-40c across the eastern states Beef Central
18/05/2021 No sign yet of the touted cattle price decline NQR
17/05/2021 Why it’s important to look closely at the global grains balance sheet this year The Weekly Times
13/05/2021 Ag profile boost from bare shelves in COVID-19 The Weekly Times
12/05/2021 Canada reveals its planting intentions Farm Weekly
11/05/2021 Where to for the Australian Cattle Market? The Weekly Grill
10/05/2021 Canadian woes lift canola prices Business News
5/05/2021 Beef Australia 2021 The Weekly Times
4/05/2021 Opportunity exists for the Merino Farm Weekly
30/04/2021 China’s imports of US coal, Canadian barley continue to climb SCMP
30/04/2021 Narrowing corn-wheat ratio drives wheat pricing Grain Central
28/04/2021 Australian wheat prices continue their lift The Weekly Times
28/04/2021 Canola prices at highest ever levels Stock and Land
27/04/2021 Signs of life in export beef trade lifts hopes Beef Central
27/04/2021 Surplus sheep the main profit drivers of the season QCL
27/04/2021 Demand for cattle keeps soaking up supply The Land
27/04/2021 Eastern states still keen on WA sheep Business News
23/04/2021 Canola update – Canada imports ABC Radio
23/04/2021 Myth about China’s pork recovery has been busted Farmonline
21/04/2021 The record EYCI ABC Countryhour
21/04/2021 Canola through the roof ABC Countryhour
21/04/2021 Diesel price recovery won’t affect  The Weekly Times
21/04/2021 Market rockets on as EYCI hits new heights Stock and Land
20/04/2021 Why Australia shouldn’t ban live exports like New Zealand The Weekly Times
20/04/2021 Exporters drop Aussie hay ABC News
20/04/2021 Supply spike fails to hold cattle market FarmOnline
19/04/2021 Weather insurance – a good idea? ACE Radio
17/04/2021 Record cattle prices may slow national herd recovery ABC News
16/04/2021 What does the rising oil price mean for agriculture? Grain Central
15/04/2021 EYCI hits 900¢ ABC Radio
15/04/2021 EYCI hits historic high, putting pressure on processing ABC Rural
15/04/2021 Farmers focus on social media Bendigo Advertiser
15/04/2021 Meat the future of grain? Grain Grower
15/04/2021 Cattle price surge: The EYCI over 900c The Weekly Times
15/04/2021 Cattle price surge The Weekly Times
14/04/2021 Aussie sheep exports as a percentage of flock falling The Weekly Times
12/04/2021 WA sheep transfers to the east ACE Radio
9/04/2021 China makes container freight challenging Farm Weekly
8/04/2021 Canola: Is our price good? Grain Central
7/04/2021 Copper and wool Ace Radio
7/04/2021 World grain markets surge Stock Journal
6/04/2021 Livestock opponents put farmers’ stake at risk Business News
6/04/2021 Mixed views on cattle price trends The Weekly Times
5/04/2021 Strength in cattle market to hold Farm Weekly
30/03/2021 Yardings shrink, prices rise but the ‘real’ record still to come Farm Weekly
30/03/2021 Good autumn break leads to a tightening of supply Farmonline
29/03/2021 Australian Beef is Expensive, RI Wants to ‘Cheat’ to America! CNBC
28/03/2021 A quick view of what is on offer Australian Grain
26/03/2021 Cattle market outlook Beef Central
25/03/2021 Slow herd rebuild posing risk for beef Farm Weekly
25/03/2021 The weekly grill (episode 2) The Weekly Grill
25/03/2021 Cattle prices The Weekly Grill
24/03/2021 North Korea highlighted as emerging market by AWI ABC Rural
23/03/2021 Rain impact adds further challenges for processing Beef Central
23/03/2021 China tariff on Australia’s barley reshapes global trade Shipping News
22/03/2021 Sheep meat prospects positive Business News
18/03/2021 Oil bears and bulls grapple as market puzzles over pandemic exit Arab News
18/03/2021 US female slaughter ratio in stark contrast with Australia Beef Central
18/03/2021 Without China, where for barley? Flow FM
18/03/2021 Saudi Arabia witnesses increase in imports from Australia Mena FM
18/03/2021 China tariff on Australia’s barley reshapes global trade Nikkei Asia
17/03/2021 Saudi Arabia gives Australia a big barley boost Arab News
17/03/2021 Saudi Arabia gives Australia a big barley boost Zawya
16/03/2021 Barley dispute going to WTO SCMP
15/03/2021 Move Over China Bloomberg
15/03/2021 Australia finds a new home for barley in Saudi Arabia Business Times
15/03/2021 Chinese stockpiles of grain Country Today
15/03/2021 How do Australian wheat yields compare to the rest of the world? Grain Central
12/03/2021 EMI drops by smallest margins Farm Weekly
12/03/2021 What global markets look like for agriculture in 2021 The Weekly Times
11/03/2021 Price to hold despite early cattle sell-off Stock Journal
10/03/2021 China’s sudden uptake on lamb NQR
10/03/2021 All at sea The Weekly Times
9/03/2021 Barley into Saudi ABC Radio
9/03/2021 February sees near-record processor losses Beef Central
9/03/2021 Australian barley seen as major supplier to Saudi tender Grain Central
8/03/2021 Doubts over China herd rebuild data Business News
6/03/2021 China Continues to Buy More Grain Wisconsin Ag
5/03/2021 Sheep meat prices to track delayed ASF recovery Sheepcentral
4/03/2021 New African swine fever variants kill millions of pigs in China ABC
4/03/2021 Aussies expected to dominate world sheepmeat export supply NQR
3/03/2021 Aussies beat NZ in sheep meat export race ACE Radio
3/03/2021 Is China telling porkies QCL
2/03/2021 Sorry Steak Lovers, Australia’s Running Out of Cows Bloomberg
1/03/2021 Russia’s wheat export tax Shipping News
28/02/2021 Pay day for Australian farmers ABC Rural
26/02/2021 Increase export tax hits Russian wheat on monday ABC Radio
23/02/2021 Feedlot buyers push the pedal to the metal Farm Online
23/02/2021 Young cattle prices take a breather Farm Weekly
23/02/2021 EYCI drops 6c/kg in the past week to sit at 864c The Land
22/02/2021 WA’s reliance on live sheep exports Business News
19/02/2021 Female Cattle Slaughter Ratio ABC Countryhour
19/02/2021 Disease outbreak causes hike in Chinese hog future contracts KIT
18/02/2021 Female slaughter gives guidance to national herd rebuild Beef Central
18/02/2021 Trade and market access workshop MB News
17/02/2021 Slaughter data reveals pace of cattle rebuild The Weekly Times
15/02/2021 A look at the fertiliser market ACE Radio
14/02/2021 Grain trade talks assist growers market moves Stock Journal
13/02/2021 Prices for young cattle on fire Stock Journal
12/02/2021 Processor margins’ sink to record lows Beef Central
12/02/2021 What’s happening with fertiliser, fuel prices? Grain Central
11/02/2021 China ainda vai importar muita carne Beef Point
10/02/2021 Manure issues ahead  ABC Radio
10/02/2021 Manure plan to hurt small farmers. ABC Radio
10/02/2021 Why I don’t trust Chinese data on the pig herd rebuild Beef Central
10/02/2021 Lamb yardings dip to lowest level in five years Farmonline
10/02/2021 China will still import a lot of meat Portal DBO
9/02/2021 Beef processor margins ACE Radio
8/02/2021 Farmers plough uneven field Business News
7/02/2021 Export opportunities for red meat producers Business News
5/02/2021 Having a better understanding of markets ABC Radio
5/02/2021 Iron ore prices helped offset weakened trade with China in 2020 SCMP
4/02/2021 A look at global stocks-to-use ratios Farmonline
4/02/2021 Greenham has closed its cow line at Tongala Stock and Land
3/02/2021 Big Saudi win for barley sector with 600,000 tonnes sold Farm Weekly
3/02/2021 Uneven playing field for Aussie farmers Farm Weekly
3/02/2021 China stuns market with monster corn purchases The Land
3/02/2021 Saudi Arabia a saviour for Australian barley The Weekly Times
2/02/2021 Large corn purchases by China ABC Radio
2/02/2021 Greenhams shutters part of its Tongala processing plant Beef Central
2/02/2021 Rain pushes Tasmanian cropping season out Stock and Land
2/02/2021 National flock officially expected to rebuild The Weekly Times
1/02/2021 Bullish phase for wheat prices Australian Grain
28/01/2021 Lamb exports are expected to make a recovery in 2021 Farmonline
28/01/2021 Australia’s wheat relationship with the rest of the world explained Grain Central
28/01/2021 Young cattle prices continue upward trajectory with new record The Weekly Times
27/01/2021 Available wheat globally declines Farm Weekly
27/01/2021 Record cattle prices costly for industry The Weekly Times
26/01/2021 Scarce females command big price tags The Land
25/01/2021 Beef processor margins ABC Radio
25/01/2021 China, dollar take toll on prices Business News
22/01/2021 Beef processors hit survival mode as livestock prices bite Farmonline
21/01/2021 An uneven playing field: Agricultural subsidies ABC Radio
21/01/2021 Sheep and lamb slaughter figures trending low Farm Online
21/01/2021 Beijing raises wool import quota SCMP
21/01/2021 EYCI headed for the stars Stock and Land
21/01/2021 Eastern Young Cattle Indicator surges to another new record The Weekly Times
21/01/2021 Woolworths reveals new products, more Christmas bargains The Weekly Times
20/01/2021 Rural Australia surges on drought recovery Farmers Weekly
19/01/2021 Cattle prices, supply and beef export trade ABC Radio
19/01/2021 EYCI at new record of 844 ABC Radio
18/01/2021 Weaner prices ACE Radio
14/01/2021 Australia’s Nov wheat exports up 42pc from Oct Grain Central
14/01/2021 Market access workshops Sentinal
13/01/2021 Look at those weaner prices! Beef Central
13/01/2021 Wool leaps into 2021 with positive vibe Farm Weekly
13/01/2021 Workshops focus on grain trade and market access Stock Journal
13/01/2021 How feasible are strong weaner calf prices for producers? The Weekly Times
12/01/2021 Argentina: Farmers Demand Increase in Corn Exports teleSUR
10/01/2021 Wheat Exporters in Australia Look Past China to North Africa Bloomberg
10/01/2021 Poorest workers bear brunt as Qatar cuts lamb subsidy  Middle East Eye
6/01/2021 High Aussie dollar tipped to impact The Weekly Times
5/01/2021 Cheaper fertilisers to favour Australian farmers in 2021 The Weekly Times
4/01/2021 Should a US/China trade deal faze Australia? QCL
30/12/2020 A letter from Australian farmers to Putin Farm Weekly
30/12/2020 How 2020 became the year of digital livestock sales The Weekly Times
29/12/2020 Grain sector likely to record most profitable season ever QCL
25/12/2020 Growth of Aussie sheepmeat exports lays in the developing world Farm Weekly
24/12/2020 Markets remain strong through turbulent year Farmonline
24/12/2020 Australian agriculture expert’s predictions for 2021 The Weekly Times
23/12/2020 Cattle market recovery tipped to flow into 2021 NQR
21/12/2020 Mutton exports in 2020 tracking below five year average QCL
19/12/2020 Aussie barley farmers looking to bounce back Sky News
16/12/2020 China slow in re-approving lamb exports Farm Online
14/12/2020 US, China recalibration hurts Australian trade Business News
12/12/2020 Grain prices come off, before rally on Russian comments QCL
11/12/2020 China trade tensions boil over in 2020 Farm Weekly
11/12/2020 What’s behind the fall in the wheat market Grain Central
10/12/2020 Why Yule save this christmas Herald Sun
10/12/2020 Christmas Lunch; What will be cheaper, what will cost more The Weekly Times
9/12/2020 Chinese demand for protein – is the herd rebuilt? ABC Radio
9/12/2020 Tips for taking a dip in the pools Grain Central
8/12/2020 Goat slaughter jumps but prices hold Stock and Land
7/12/2020 Qatar abruptly ends lamb import subsidy deal Farm Weekly
4/12/2020 Shining a light on fertiliser pricing Grain Central
4/12/2020 Shock as Qatar cancels program The Weekly Times
3/12/2020 75 years of Aussie beef ABC Countryhour
2/12/2020 Is there more to relations with China? ABC Drive
2/12/2020 Qatar axes lamb import subsidies ABC News
2/12/2020 Qatar quits lamb import subsidy ACE Radio
2/12/2020 China still talk of town in beef export circles Farm Weekly
2/12/2020 China has ramped up its wheat imports this season The Weekly Times
1/12/2020 Qatar quits lamb import subsidy ABC Radio
1/12/2020 Give us our daily bread. Australian Grain
1/12/2020 Lamb industry hit as Qatar cancels subsidy Guardian
25/11/2020 North/South seasonal contrasts Beef Central
25/11/2020 Détente needed as China threat grows Business News
24/11/2020 Why Australians are eating less red meat The Weekly Times
20/11/2020 Barley update after recent tenders ABC Radio
20/11/2020 Beef exports to China decline Ace Radio
19/11/2020 Who is winning China? Grain Central
18/11/2020 As spring flushes peak in eastern states, demand remains strong Farm Weekly
18/11/2020 What happens if China bans Aussie wheat? Farm Weekly
16/11/2020 Protecting against grain default Ace Radio
16/11/2020 Guarding against the risk of grain trader insolvency Grain Central
13/11/2020 Cost of cattle bites hard into processor margins NQR
13/11/2020 How the Indian buffalo could hit our red meat exports The Weekly Times
12/11/2020 Will China tensions stamp out Australia’s grain-fed beef potential? Farm Weekly
12/11/2020 Could this strange meat topple our red meat exports? The Weekly Times
10/11/2020 Impact of politics on markets ABC Radio
10/11/2020 COVID home cooking good news for beef Farmonline
9/11/2020 La Nina hit and miss for WA grain Business News
9/11/2020 Farmers comfortable working around China wheat discounts Farm Weekly
5/11/2020 Lentil tariff relief extension ABC Radio
5/11/2020 Caution needed on lamb prices outlook Stock and Land
5/11/2020 No official word on China wheat ban The Land
4/11/2020 China ‘bans’ on US products ABC Drive
4/11/2020 China to ban Aussie wheat? Ace Radio
4/11/2020 Lentil tariff extension misses Aussie export window Farm Weekly
4/11/2020 What happens if China bans Aussie wheat? Grain Central
4/11/2020 Good rain puts Victoria, NSW in the box seat The Weekly Times
3/11/2020 China’s headwinds and opening doors for Aussie beef Farm Weekly
3/11/2020 Cattle market tipped to climb further NQR
28/10/2020 Livestock prices pushing 850c/kg The Weekly Times
27/10/2020 Tough choices on mixed farms Business News
27/10/2020 Quinoa Australia: Oversupply could hurt its premium price The Weekly Times
26/10/2020 The war chest of Animals Australia ABC Radio
26/10/2020 Where to from here for red hot cattle market? Farmonline
22/10/2020 ABC Vic Country Hour – High Cattle  Prices ABC Radio
21/10/2020 Stars align as yields, prices hit highs FarmOnline
21/10/2020 Aussie exporters wait for China’s next move The Weekly Times
20/10/2020 Lamb exports continuing to increase FarmOnline
20/10/2020 US wheat futures to remain firm on uncertain weather prospects S&P Global
17/10/2020 Grain prices set to improve with La Nina weather ABC Radio
16/10/2020 Are the beef processors losing money? ABC Radio
16/10/2020 Aussie crop outlook AHDB
16/10/2020 China targets Australian cotton in latest trade action Grain Central
16/10/2020 Can emerging quinoa industry maintain its price premium? Grain Central
15/10/2020 Rays of light for Australian agriculture in a time of turmoil Domain
15/10/2020 World cotton stocks on high Grain Central
14/10/2020 Wet for us dry for the US. ABC Rural Report
13/10/2020 La Nina helps and hinders ABC Radio
13/10/2020 Processor margins update ABC Rural Port Pirie
13/10/2020 Meat processors taking heavy losses ACE Radio
13/10/2020 Don’t let the science get ahead of market realities Business News
8/10/2020 Heavy Rains in Southeastern Australia ‘Fantastic’ For Grain Crop Bloomberg
7/10/2020 Diesel prices fall coming into harvest ACE Radio
6/10/2020 ABC WA Country Hour – Sheep from West to East ABC Radio
1/10/2020 The good news or the bad news Australian Grain
30/09/2020 Glyphosate extortion attempt ABC Radio
29/09/2020 Vic Processors increase capacity ABC Radio
29/09/2020 China swine virus an export opportunity Business News
29/09/2020 What drives the price of diesel? Grain Central
29/09/2020 Sheep flock rebuild following drought The Weekly Times
25/09/2020 Caution the keyword, when it comes to predicting a La Nina The Courier
24/09/2020 Ag trade a blunt tool Business News
24/09/2020 Spring lamb flush underway, will numbers be absorbed? Farm Weekly
24/09/2020 Russia projected to dominate global wheat exports RT
23/09/2020 Russia’s Dominance of the Wheat World Bloomberg
23/09/2020 NSW lamb numbers jump rapidly Farm Weekly
18/09/2020 Northern cattle markets ABC Rural Mt Isa
18/09/2020 India drops lentil tariff  Grain Central
17/09/2020 China to put Aussie wheat under the microscope Farm Weekly
17/09/2020 ASF: Projected gap in protein demand expected to grow The Weekly Times
16/09/2020 Further softening in grids as processor losses fall to record levels Beef Central
16/09/2020 Push to shorten live-ex moratorium gathers steam Farm Weekly
16/09/2020 China to put Aussie wheat under the microscope Farm Weekly
16/09/2020 Australian wheat in demand amid China concerns Grain Central
15/09/2020 African Swine Fever in Germany ACE Radio
15/09/2020 Lamb processor concerns in Spring flush WIN News
11/09/2020 More processor job loss pain likely Farm Weekly
11/09/2020 Wheat, canola to head growers’ new-crop sales Grain Central
10/09/2020 Virus fallout means no grain, no gain Business News
10/09/2020 Grass cut in key beed markets Farm Weekly
10/09/2020 NZ sheep flock decline Farm Weekly
10/09/2020 Australian crop outlook WIN News
9/09/2020 Has India banned GM crops? Grain Central
8/09/2020 Poor outlook for any improvement in China-Australia relations Farm Weekly
7/09/2020 Australia’s July wheat exports down 58pc Grain Central
4/09/2020 Skin value declines Farm Online
3/09/2020 We need to find new barley markets Ace Radio
2/09/2020 Australias spring lamb flush is incoming Farm Online
28/08/2020 Yearling heifers close the gap on steers Stock and Land
27/08/2020 EYCI to soar over 800c Ace Radio
25/08/2020 Here comes the restocker Beef Central
25/08/2020 Race to rebuild sends cattle market skyward The Land
25/08/2020 Cattle prices soar to even greater heights as EYCI hits 780c/kg The Weekly Times
24/08/2020 Hanging on by the margins Business News
21/08/2020 ABC Vic Country Hour – Retail vs Saleyard Livestock Prices ABC Radio
21/08/2020 Ace Radio Country Today – Libby Price – Retail vs Saleyard Ace Radio
21/08/2020 Federal programs to encourage seasonal workers Stock and Land
21/08/2020 Steady demand The Weekly Times
20/08/2020 Why Australian agriculture needs trade diversification The Weekly Times
20/08/2020 Why Australian agriculture needs trade diversification The Weekly Times
19/08/2020 Buoyant market makes canola likely choice for cash sales Grain Central
13/08/2020 Experts say cattle numbers are slumping for a number of reasons Stock and Land
12/08/2020 Sheep prices and headwinds ABC Countryhour
12/08/2020 ‘Curveball’ restrictions could hurt ‘sensitive’ pork industry Stock and Land
11/08/2020 JBS Brooklyn closed indefinitely Stock and Land
11/08/2020 Beef shipments to China fall back The Land
10/08/2020 The battle for barley Business News
6/08/2020 Meat Output Curbs in Australia Could Spur Near-Term Shortages Bloomberg
6/08/2020 Russia adds an extra Australia Farm Weekly
6/08/2020 Abattoirs consider their COVID options Stock and Land
5/08/2020 Sheep ship moratorium flow-through effect Business News
5/08/2020 Abattoir closure forces pigs interstate Stock and Land
5/08/2020 Pig and chicken cull possible  The Guardian
5/08/2020 Red meat to struggle under new restrictions The Weekly Times
5/08/2020 Abattoir shutdown could mirror US closures The Weekly Times
4/08/2020 Country Hour ABC Radio
4/08/2020 Conversation Hour ABC Radio 774 ABC Radio
4/08/2020 Victorian meatwork disruptions mitigated by reduced throughput Farm Online
4/08/2020 Sky News Afternoon – Kieran Gilbert Sky News
4/08/2020 Dont panic theres plenty of meat to go around Stock and Land
4/08/2020 Coronavirus lockdowns force big changes on abattoirs The Weekly Times
4/08/2020 Disruption to meat processors from new Covid restrictions WIN News
3/08/2020 Stringent coronavirus restrictions placed on Victorian meat processors Stock and Land
2/08/2020 Vic government to introduce workplace changes to combat CV19 Stock and Land
30/07/2020 Thirst for market insight as uncertainty reigns Stock and Land
29/07/2020 Chinese meat exports strong despite overall softening The Weekly Times
28/07/2020 Premier warns of industry closure, over coronavirus Farm Online
27/07/2020 WA Business news – Live sheep mortality & moratorium Business News
27/07/2020 Victorian meatworks coronavirus cases grow Farm Online
23/07/2020 Processor shutdown impact on Spring Lamb WIN News
22/07/2020 Low throughput has lessened the impact of abattoir virus shutdowns Stock and Land
21/07/2020 Covid in Vic processors ABC Radio
20/07/2020 No panic stations as more southern meatworks close The Land
17/07/2020 Concerns raised about a prolonged shutdown of JBS’ Brooklyn plant Stock and Land
16/07/2020 Opportunities in a volatile period Farm Weekly
14/07/2020 Cattle market expected to soften Farm Weekly
9/07/2020 Cattle numbers forecast to drop as processors’ hip pockets hurt Grain Central
9/07/2020 Elders launches new agricultural market analysis arm Stock and Land
8/07/2020 Fake meat pulled from menu ABC Radio
7/07/2020 Elders launches market analysis business Farm Online
7/07/2020 Andrew Whitelaw and Matt Dalgleish launch Thomas Elder Markets Farm Tender
7/07/2020 GrainCorp’s Berrybank expansion echoes growth in cropping Stock and Land