Market Morsel: Something else to whine about

Conversations | 18th August 2020 | By Matt Dalgleish

Market Morsel

In a further blow to the Australian agricultural sector the Chinese government has announced an investigation into dumping of wine. This is hot on the heals of a hike to Australian barley tariffs earlier in the season due to a negative finding of anti-dumping against Australia.

What is the state of play for Chinese – Australian wine trade?

  • Current wine tariffs for Australian wine exports to China are set at zero
  • China is Australia’s largest export customer (it took nearly 34% of Australian wine exports in 2018, compared to 16% for USA and 14% for the UK)
  • In 2018 Australia was China’s number one importing nation at just over 30% of total imports. Closely followed by France, at 29% and then Chile at 14%.
  • China is a net importer of wine to the tune of $US2.1 billion per annum

An adverse finding could see a tariff reapplied to Australian wine significantly impacting our competitiveness into a key market.

(2018 figures quoted – Source OEC)


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