Partnership to benefit Australian farmers

Conversations | 26th November 2021 | By Andrew Whitelaw

Media Release

Episode3 (EP3) has formed a partnership with the Geneva-based AgFlow to provide data-based insights on Australian agricultural markets.

The EP3 and AgFlow partnership aims to provide objective and independent insights and data on agricultural markets to increase industry transparency.

“The world has now entered an era where demand is increasingly exceeding production, creating unprecedented market volatility and more opacity as a result. At AgFlow, we believe that a transparent and holistic integration of data is essential to achieve resilience. This is why, AgFlow’s vision is to digitalize agricultural markets to lead Humanity’s transition to a transparent and resilient global agricultural supply chain.” Nabil Mseddi, AgFlow

EP3 and AgFlow share similar ambitions, and a mutually beneficial partnership has been formed between parties.

Through this partnership, EP3 will provide analytical reports to the Australian agricultural industry using AgFlow data. In addition, global users of the AgFlow platform will be provided insights into the Australian marketplace.

This will increase data democracy to the Australian agricultural industry, allowing all participants from farm to plate to have access to independent and objective insights.

“Access to high-quality data and information on agriculture markets is no longer limited to the top end of town. The EP3 and AgFlow partnership will provide ongoing value by shining a light on pricing through simple and easily understandable analysis” Andrew Whitelaw, EP3

You can visit AgFlow here


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