Firing on all four cylinders.

Livestock | 6th October 2023 | By Matt Dalgleish

Lamb Export Summary September 2023

Total Australian lamb export volumes eased 1% during September 2023 and given that August was the highest month on record that’s not a bad result at all. There was 31,503 tonnes of Aussie lamb shipped offshore in September, which is 26% more than what was sent during September 2022 and represents trade levels that are nearly 52% above the five-year average trade flows for September.

A summary of the top four Aussie lamb export destinations is as follows.

China – Despite anecdotal reports of meat storages being full in China there was another solid month for lamb export volumes. During September 7,158 tonnes of Aussie lamb was shipped to China, a 2% drop from the very high trade volumes sent during August 2023. Compared to September 2022 the current flows of lamb exports to China are 32% stronger and compared to the five-year September average trade flows are 48% higher.

USA – Demand for Aussie lamb in the USA continues to improve during 2023. September saw lamb exports lift a further 9% from the levels seen during August. There was 6,854 tonnes swt of Aussie lamb consigned to the USA over September 2023 which almost replicated the very strong volumes seen exported last September. Compared to the five year average for September current export volumes are running 38% ahead of the average seasonal trend.

UAE – The United Arab Emirates has seen a solid turnaround in demand for Aussie lamb this year with flows from January to September running nearly 46% higher than over the same time frame in 2022. Despite a drop of 6% in lamb export volumes seen from August to September the 1,888 tonnes shipped to the UAE during September represents levels that are 32% higher than the five-year September average.

PNG – The Aussie lamb trade to Papua New Guinea continues to shine with 2,263 tonnes swt exported from Australia over September 2023. While this is a 9% easing on the flows sent in August it still represents levels that are 89% higher than the five-year average for September. As the chart demonstrates the 2023 season has been a robust year for lamb flows from Australia to PNG and back up the very strong season set in 2022.



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