Market Morsel: East Coast Throughput

Livestock | 22nd February 2021 | By Matt Dalgleish

Market Morsel

Weekly cattle yarding levels eased 17% to see 39,318 head presented at the saleyard for the week ending 19th February. This places sale yard cattle volumes 34% below the five-year seasonal trend for this time in the year.

NSW sale yards are running 41% below the seasonal average for this week in the year with just 14,898 head reported. Victoria aren’t far behind in the race to see which state can drag cattle numbers the lowest with throughput volumes at 39% below the five-year average trend. Queensland reported 15,432 head of cattle for the week ending the 19th February, which represents levels that are 20% under the average seasonal pattern.

East coast lamb yarding levels are running ahead of trend. The 189,010 lambs reported represent levels that are 3% above the five-year average trend. Victorian producers are helping to keep the broader east coast lamb volumes elevated with yarding levels here running 21% above the seasonal average pattern. In contrast, NSW producers are presenting 12% less lambs than the five-year trend outlines.

East coast sheep volumes are 16% under the five-year trend for this week in the season at 68,575 head. NSW sheep producers are dragging the throughput numbers lower with the 28,660 head of sheep presented sitting 44% under the five-year seasonal pattern. Meanwhile Victorian sheep numbers are running 22% above the seasonal average trend with 30,903 sheep reported.


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