Market Morsel: Grainfed vs grassfed turnoff

Livestock | 21st November 2022 | By Matt Dalgleish

Market Morsel

Earlier in the season the proportion of Aussie cattle being turned off as grainfed was higher than those that were grassfed, but the last two quarters have seen grassfed turnoff increase and the grainfed proportion of turnoff dip back under 50%. The first quarter of 2022 saw grainfed turnoff sit at 55.4%, the highest the quarterly ratio has been on record. However, quarters two and three have seen the ratio move back to 45.3% and 45.5%, respectively.

On an annual basis, as at the September 2022 quarter, the proportion of cattle turned off as grainfed sits at 48.4%, which is still the highest level the grainfed turnoff ratio has been on record, but grassfed cattle turnoff still dominates the Australian cattle landscape.


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