Market Morsel: Lamb flying high

Livestock | 7th November 2022 | By Matt Dalgleish

Market Morsel

Aussie mutton exports maybe running below trend, but the same cannot be said for our red hot lamb export sector. Australian lamb exports in October increased 4% to hit 26,144 tonnes swt, which makes the third time this year that lamb exports have gone above 26,000 tonnes. Current lamb exports are riding 13% above the five-year average pattern for October.

It is continued strong demand from the USA that is underpinning the total lamb trade volumes. Lamb exports to the USA from Australia lifted 3% over October to see 6,983 tonnes swt consigned, this represents levels that are 34% above the five-year average pattern for October.

Lamb export demand from China sits above average levels too. At 5,319 tonnes for October Chinese demand for Aussie lamb is placed nearly 5% above the normal levels seen, as per the five-year average for October.



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