Market Morsel: Nothing to see here

Livestock | 6th September 2021 | By Matt Dalgleish

Market Morsel

Total beef export volumes from Australia eased 5% during August to see 77,150 tonnes swt sent offshore. These levels are 18% under the five-year average for August and is roughly consistent with how beef export flows have been performing over the entire year. Average monthly flows in 2021 have been 72,591 tonnes, nearly 20% below the average seasonal pattern, as highlighted by the dotted black line.

A summary of the top four destinations for Australian beef exports for August is as follows:

  • Japan – flows eased by 15% to see 20,466 tonnes consigned. For the season thus far, average beef export volumes have been running 18% under the average seasonal trend.
  • South Korea – export volumes dipped 8% over the month to 12,888 tonnes.  Average monthly beef exports are sitting 3% under the average pattern.
  • China – recorded 11,908 tonnes for August, a decline of 3% on the figures from July. Chinese demand is running nearly 13% under the average pattern for the January to August period.
  • USA – demonstrated relatively stable volumes from July to August with a mere 2% decline to 13,562 tonnes swt. US demand for Aussie beef is sitting 44% below the average seasonal pattern for the season, thus far.


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