Market Morsel: NSW lamb full throttle

Livestock | 19th September 2022 | By Matt Dalgleish

Market Morsel

The week ending 16th September saw a rush of lambs to the saleyard in NSW. Weekly NSW lamb throughput swelled to 166,469 head, an increase of 28% on the previous week’s volumes.

This is the largest weekly yarding of lamb seen in NSW since mid-October 2020 when volumes went over 170,000 head. Current sale yard lamb volumes in NSW are running 34% above the five-year average level for this week in the season.

In contrast, Victorian lamb yarding levels are only just beginning to awake from their winter slumber. There were 33,569 head of lamb presented at Victorian sale yards for the week ending 16th September, which was a lift of 70% on the week prior. Despite the strong gain over the week Victorian lamb throughput sits 22% under the five-year average level for this week in the year.

Total lamb yarding levels across the east coast saw numbers swell by 31% on the previous week’s figures to hit 207,184 head of lamb. According to the five-year average pattern lamb throughput would normally sit at around 185,000 head for this week in the year so current volumes are nearly 12% above the normal pattern.


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