Market Morsel: The whole nine yardings

Livestock | 20th November 2020 | By Matt Dalgleish

Market Morsel

East coast weekly cattle yarding levels have risen 55% from their October lull to see 51,125 head presented last week. Despite the increased cattle numbers at the sale yard the seasonal trend has remained tight with average weekly yarding levels running nearly 17% below the average five-year pattern for the 2020 season.

Last weeks cattle throughput levels are mirroring the broader seasonal trend sitting 16% under the five-year average pattern for this time in the season.

A comparison of the mainland east coast states shows that it is Victorian and NSW sale yards with under performing throughput levels. NSW sale yards have seen average weekly cattle throughput levels running 38% below the five-year trend, while Victorian sale yards are 10% under the seasonal average pattern.

QLD is the standout performer (and not just in the State of Origin series) with their average weekly cattle throughput levels trekking 10% ahead of the five-year trend for the 2020 season. Indeed, lasts week’s yarding levels in Queensland were particularly robust with the 22,395 head presented the highest since late August 2020 and sitting 19% above the average seasonal pattern for this time in the year.


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