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Livestock | 12th December 2023 | By Matt Dalgleish

Mutton Export Summary November 2023

November 2023 saw another month of strong mutton export volumes from Australia with total exports of 19,849 tonnes swt reported shipped for the month. This represents just a 1.7% decline from the levels seen exported over October 2023 so the trade remains broadly strong and steady.

Current total mutton export volumes are nearly 39% higher than during November 2022. Indeed, it has been the best November result since 2019 and mutton export flows for this November are running nearly 14% above the five-year average level for November.

A summary of the trade flows to the top four mutton destinations is as follows.

China – Recorded its strongest monthly mutton trade flows from Australia so far this year with 10,363 tonnes reported shipped over November. This is the strongest monthly outcome since November 2019. It also represents trade levels that are nearly 22% above the five-year average for November and 59% above the volumes seen during last November.

Malaysia – Managed to see relatively consistent and strong demand with the third consecutive month of trade volumes in excess of 1,600 tonnes swt. November 2023 saw 1,631 tonnes of Aussie mutton exported to Malaysia, although this is a 3% drop on the volumes shipped in October 2023 it is still 52% higher then levels seen during November 2022 and 22% above the five-year average trade volumes for November.

USA – Aussie mutton exports to the USA remain somewhat subdued during 2023 and November was no exception. There was 1,244 tonnes reported shipped during November 2023, a 7% easing from October and nearly 35% under the November average, based on the last five years of trade data.

Saudi Arabia – Mutton exports from Australia to Saudi Arabia eased 18% from the levels seen over October to 1,031 tonnes swt. Despite the decline current trade volumes are still very robust sitting 112% higher than the levels exported over November 2022 and 88% above the five-year average for November.


Article picture used with permission from Craig Hole.


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