November pain

Livestock | 23rd December 2021 | By Matt Dalgleish

The Snapshot

  • November 2021 live export trade volumes are running 55% below the five-year average for this time in the year.
  • Live cattle exports to Indonesia are 49% below the five-year average pattern for November.
  • Live cattle flows to Vietnam are nearly 70% below the average seasonal pattern for this month in the year. Meanwhile, the trade to China is around 30% under the average trend.

The Detail

Strong domestic cattle prices and low supply continue to hamper the live cattle export trade out of Australia with the November flows easing nearly 8% over the month to see just 41,654 head shipped.

Since September monthly volumes have been trending well under the normal range that could be expected, according to the usual monthly variations seen over the past five seasons. November 2021 is no exception with live export trade volumes running 55% below the five-year average for November.

The trade to Indonesia saw a small uptick, rising nearly 8% on the month to see 23,549 head of cattle transported. However, this level still represents flows that are 49% below the five-year average pattern for this month in the year.

Vietnamese demand for Aussie live cattle continues to be lacklustre as shipments from South America crowd us out. November saw just 6,353 head transported to Vietnam from Australia, while this was a big increase from the 2,542 seen during October it is still nearly 70% short of the 19,500 odd we have seen shipped to Vietnam during November, as an average over the last five years.

Live cattle flows from Australia to China dipped by around 70% over November to see 3,000 head reported shipped. However, as the five-year average trend highlights it is not uncommon to see reduced flows in November. The current volumes to China sit around 30% under the five-year average for this month in the season.


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