Processors and Prices

Livestock | 16th June 2022 | By Matt Dalgleish

Processing Throughput

East coast cattle slaughter maintained levels seen the week prior, lifting just 405 head to 95,155 as of 10th June. Cattle processing volumes sit 23% under the five-year average pattern for this week in the year.

East coast lamb slaughter for the week ending 10th June remained strong at 358,384 head which is replicating the large east coast yarding numbers seen last week. East coast lamb slaughter is running at levels that are 21% above the five-year pattern for this week in the season. Meanwhile, east coast sheep slaughter volumes sit 6% above the five-year trend for this week in the season with 71,987 head reported for the week ending 10th June.


Saleyard Prices

Young cattle prices on the east coast eased 3% on the week to close at 1087 c/kg cwt as at Thursday 16th June. In the west young cattle prices have remained stable for the last three weeks, falling just 3 cents this week to 1107 c/kg cwt. The National Heavy Steer has also managed a stable performance, posting just a 1 cent decline from last week to finish at 460 c/kg lwt.

Large east coast yarding of lambs have kept pressure on the Eastern States Trade Lamb Indicator (ESTLI) with prices declining by 2%. The ESTLI sits at 775 c/kg cwt as at 16th June. Volatile price moves have continued for trade lamb prices in the West with the WATLI dropping 7% over the week to close at 640 c/kg cwt. The National Mutton Indicator declining too over the week, down 3% to 626 c/kg cwt.


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