Victorian livestock hit the yards

Livestock | 24th March 2021 | By Matt Dalgleish

The Snapshot

  • Victorian cattle yarding levels have jumped 32% on the week prior to hit the highest weekly volumes seen this season at 10,567 head.
  • Victorian lamb throughput also posted a solid week on week lift of 26% to see 75,288 lambs yarded.
  • Victorian sheep throughput trended sideways, with just 193 fewer sheep than the previous week. Although at 30,638 head it represents levels that are 38% above the seasonal average for this week in the year.

The Detail

Victorian lamb and sheep weekly throughput levels have been elevated for some months now. Cattle yarding levels are beginning to climb too with the highest posting for the season reached for the week ending 19th March at 10,567 head of cattle.

This represents a 32% lift on the volumes seen the week prior and places the weekly cattle throughout for Victoria just 3% shy of the five-year average seasonal pattern. The last time the weekly Victorian cattle yarding got anywhere near the five-year average trend was the pre Australia day holiday spike in volumes when weekly cattle yardings ran 13% ahead of the seasonal average pattern.

Victorian lamb yarding also posted a lift in volumes on the week prior, with 75,288 lambs presented at the saleyard. This represents a 26% gain on the volumes seen for the previous week (ending 12th March) and puts Victorian lamb throughput 24% above the weekly average for this time in the season.

Victorian sheep yarding levels for the week ending 19th March were a bit more muted, with volumes tracking sideways and nearly matching the near 31,000 head registered on the week prior. A total of 30,638 sheep were presented and despite the lack of a strong week on week gain this still represents throughout levels that are 38% above the five-year average seasonal pattern.


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