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Livestock | 4th December 2023 | By Matt Dalgleish

Market Morsel

After a few weeks of below average saleyard throughput for lambs in Victoria during October lamb yarding levels have increased over November. October 2023 saw average weekly Victorian lamb yardings running at around 47,000 head, which is about 6% below the trend that has been set over the last five seasons during October, where average weekly lamb yardings in Victorian saleyards have been closer to 50,000 per week.

There were definitely more lambs around in Victoria over October compared to 2022 though with yarding levels this year running about 17% higher than the levels seen in October 2022.

November 2023 saw an average weekly yarding of around 91,500 head across the Victorian saleyards. This equates to levels that are 52% higher than the average weekly yarding of lambs seen during November 2022 and 24% above the average yarding levels seen during November, based on the last five years data.

After reaching an average monthly price of $104 per head across Victorian saleyards in September 2023 the Victorian Trade Lamb Indicator climbed from this seasonal low during October to average nearly $118 over the month. The lower lamb yarding levels likely contributing to the improved prices.

Despite stronger saleyard lamb throughput in Victoria over November average monthly Trade Lamb pricing in Victoria held up reasonably well, losing just $4.5 per head over the month to average $113.50 per head. Meanwhile the early December trade has seen Victorian Trade Lambs shrug off the increased throughput seen in November to average $125 per head so far this month.


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