Breaking Bias: #Scomo versus #Albo

Conversations | 19th May 2022 | By Matt Dalgleish

Breaking Bias: #Scomo versus #Albo

The EP3 Breaking Bias algorithm is able to search Twitter for tweets that contain a particular keyword or hashtag and collate the number of positive or negative words or phrases that have been used in 1,000s of tweets on this specific hashtag or topic. Once we aggregate this data we can build a snapshot of the vibe towards a particular topic and the focus of this sentiment piece is the upcoming federal election.

Our Breaking Bias tool scoured the Twitter-sphere for recent tweets on the hashtag #Scomo and the hashtag #Albo and the results suggest that the current vibe is against both candidates from the major parties. Both Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese scored more negative phrases than positive ones.

However, the #Scomo hashtag scored slightly more negatives at 63% versus the 60% negatives for #Albo. Does this suggest a change of government is in the wind?

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